Meditation Talk 14 Jan 2017– Afternoon

Those Who Have Worked Hard And Who Have Done Their Devotion Have Definitely Been Successful

GOD ALMIGHTY HAS MADE THIS CREATION, this world, and we have 8.4 million life forms in this. And there are four sections of these 8.4 million life forms. For each of these life forms, and their food and for their requirements, all of that is taken care of by God Almighty at the time of making these life forms. He has made these 8.4 million life forms, and, in this, He has made the karmas, or deeds, as the essence of determining how we are going to be living in which life form. So, depending on our deeds, we are ascending to different types of these life forms. God Almighty has also kept this human form as a very special form, in which we can get salvation and go back to God Almighty. Or, with our deeds, we can go down again, to hell, and in that 8.4 million life forms.

Devotees and Masters did their devotion and They got salvation and They have gotten out of this lifecycle of life and death. Others, who were stuck into these worldly attachments, they have gone back into the 8.4 million life forms.

Tulsi Das has said, “God Almighty has kept all the provisions and all the facilities to work towards salvation and get out of this cycle of life and death. But, those who procrastinate and who are lazy and who are not doing that, or using those facilities, are going to stay here and go back into those life forms.” So, He says, “Those who have worked hard and who have done their devotion, they have definitely been successful.”

I saw there was this family, who used to come from Bellary, and they came to the Guddella Ashram. Their son was poor in his studies and he had only studied up to the eighth standard. So, his parents were complaining, “This boy is not studying and he’s not spending time doing that.” And, he was a very lean boy.

I also explained to him, “This opportunity, this age that you are in, is for studies. And, if you miss this opportunity, then you will not be able to study.”

That boy took it on his heart to study, and I suggested that he should get up in the morning, early morning, and study. And, that way, his memory would also become stronger and he would be able to assimilate better in what he is studying.

So, accordingly, when he went back, he set an alarm and he used to get up early mornings at three o'clock or four o'clock, and then he would study. And he was amongst the top students in the high school examination. He was then motivated to study further and, in the junior college, he again topped his college. He was studying very well and he got admission to study engineering, and he was given a scholarship for doing his engineering.

We have all been given the same faculties, and we have been given the same capabilities in our brains, but people, because of their laziness, they miss that opportunity, and they don't use their faculties well.

We can see that there has been so much progress done by humanity. There are so many scientists and so much research has been done, and it is only because of the hard work of these people, who have done all these studies, all this research, that we have been able to reach so many new heights for humanity.

So, God Almighty has kept all of that within all of us, and we should listen, therefore, to our Masters, what they are telling us to do. And, every day, we should, early morning, sit for meditation for two and a half hours. And then, whatever wealth of spirituality that has been kept for us, we will definitely get that.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. We should make the most of this and we should close our eyes and get connected to Simran.