Meditation Talk 15 Jan 2017– Morning

Wherever We Are Staying, We Should Make It A Point To Take Out Time For Our Meditation

SAINTS AND MAHATMAS HAVE ALWAYS SAID, “From tens of millions of lives that we take, we get a human life after that many lives. And, with the Grace of God Almighty, we get the company of the Masters.”

When the soul goes through these 8.4 million life forms, and it is filled with sorrow in all of this life and death, it prays to God Almighty again and again. It prays for salvation from this. God Almighty graces it and gives this beautiful human form so that it can get salvation in this form. And then, God Almighty decides which soul He wants to bring to Himself.

And, to get such souls, God Almighty sends Masters. So, He sends these Saints and Masters, and They are connected with God Almighty. They come into this world and connect the soul back to God Almighty. And They help the soul go back to God Almighty.

Masters are not bigger than God Almighty. But, They are the loving Sons of God Almighty. And, when God Almighty sends Them, He gives Them the powers to take the souls back. And, the souls that the Masters take back, they pray to Him to be accepted back in His home. And that is how They take the souls back.

Tulsi Sahib says, “The company of the Masters at Satsang is very difficult to get, and normal human families and all the other things, everyone also has. But, it is very seldom that people get the company of the Masters and their Satsangs.”

Families, spouses, and children, these even sinners have. And these sinners also go to hell. So, it is not a very great deed that we have, because of which we are having a family and a spouse and children. All these relationships that we have are only because of our deeds. And our True Relationship is our relationship with our Master. So, we are very fortunate to have the benefit two True Masters. And, on their Teachings, now, we should make it a point to follow what They have taught us and to follow on that Path and please our Masters.

Thus, for scores of lives, we have been under the influence of the mind. And, because of that, we have been doing all our deeds and going back into this cycle of life and death. It is only now that we have this opportunity to do our devotion of God Almighty and get salvation and get out of the cycle of life and death.

So, we have to think carefully and spend this life of ours. We should spend it in a way that we are able to collect the wealth in such a way that this wealth will be going back with us. And, we will not be required, then, to come back into this world.

The devotion of our Master is the first step on this Path. And, if we please our Master, and we manifest His Form within us, that is the accomplishment of this first step on this Path. And then, the satguru, the Radiant Form of the Master within, with His Grace, the Sound Current is manifested within, and once that is manifested, it is permanent and it will never close.

So, we should be very mindful of the time that we are spending. Wherever we are staying, we should make it a point to take out time for our meditation, and we should be regular about it.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet and we should make the most of this. So, let us sit down and sit for meditation.