Meditation Talk 15 Jan 2016– Morning

The Extent Of The Purview Of Kal And The Purview Of Dayal

KAL AND MAYA CREATED 8.4 million life forms. In that, 3.0 million were various types of plants, trees in which all kinds of vegetables, wheat and all other plants and trees come. There were 2.7 million different types of insects, and about 1.4 million life forms in the form of birds, which have three elements. And there were about 0.9 million life forms, which stay in water. And, lastly, about 0.4 million humans and mammals.*

* Jalaja (Water-based life forms) – 0.9 million (9 lakhs)

Sthavara (Immobile, implying plants and trees) – 2.0 million (20 lakhs)

Krimayo (Reptiles) – 1.1 million (11 lakhs)

Pakshinam (Birds) – 1.0 million (10 lakhs)

Pashavah (terrestrial animals) – 3.0 million (30 lakhs)

Manavah (human-like animals) – 0.4 million (4 lakhs)

So, in these four categories, 8.4 million life forms were built and kept. In the early part of the creation, the soul would remember its past birth and, as a result, this whole lifecycle of 8.4 million did not work.

So, thereafter, Niranjan again sat in penance for sixty-four chaukriyugas on one foot.

So, when Sat Purush was happy with the penance of Niranjan, He asked him what he wanted.

And Niranjan told Him, “I want three blessings.”

So, Niranjan asked for the first boon, “When I place a soul in a life form, he should be happy staying in that life form, and he should not remember his previous birth. So, wherever I keep him and wherever the soul is, in whichever life form, he’s happy in that life form.”

He was aware that Sat Purush would be coming Himself to take the souls back. So, the third boon he asked was, “When You come to this creation to take back the souls because You have promised those souls that You will come when they want to go back, You will not show any kind of miracle. You will not use any mystic powers here. And when You come by way of Satsangs, You can explain to the jivas and then, whoever's willing to go, You can take them with You.”

After these three boons were granted, the jivas got entangled in this cycle of life and death. Because the soul doesn't remember its previous birth, it is happy where it is. And it has forgotten about its True Home.

So, looking at the suffering of the souls, Sat Purush is sending His Ambassadors, His Elements from above, as Saints into this world. So Souls, which have gone inward and have risen above with Their Masters, and Who have crossed Par Brahm, and Who are above, in those planes, such souls are sent back into this world, and They are asked to help the other souls to come within and come up. Because, up to the Brahm, is within the purview of Kal. And, beyond Brahm, is the purview of Sat Purush, or Dayal.

So, therefore Sat Purush sends those Souls Who have crossed the compound of Kal, or the purview of Kal, and are within the region of Dayal, and Who are in-between Par Brahm and Sat Lok. Because Sat Lok is an immortal place, and once the soul goes into Sat Lok, it doesn't come back. So, souls who have transcended within and have crossed Par Brahm and are, perhaps, below Bhanwar Gupha, or in Maha Kal, or in Par Brahm, such souls are sent back into this creation. Such souls are Saints* Who come back into this creation to take back other souls.

* In a subsequent conversation with Babaji He explains that Souls Who have crossed Par Brahm are in the form of Shabd in the region of Dayal. After being taken up to Sach Khand and receiving the Darshan of Sat Purush, Sat Purush then directs Them, while They are still in the regions of Par Brahm or Bhanwar Gupha, to go back into the world, ordained as Saints, to connect the souls with the Shabd, and They remain in those regions until all of Their initiates’ souls are redeemed.

So, once the Masters initiate a soul, the liberation is a given. The soul will definitely get liberated thereafter because the Master takes the control of that soul and takes it over from the Lord of Judgment.

So, thereafter, the soul is with the Masters. The Doer is the Master at all times, and after death also, only the Master comes to take the soul.

There are some circumstances where a soul doesn't listen to the Teachings of the Master and ends up consuming alcohol, eating non-vegetarian food, or other things, which the Masters have asked him to refrain from. He indulges in all of those things and forgets about Simran, Dhyan, and forgets about the Master then, at the time of death, the Master sends the Lord of Judgment to collect that soul. So then, such souls, where they have not even in their dreams done any meditation or Simran, such souls are then, after their death, collected by the Lord of Judgment. And the Masters direct the Lord of Judgment where that soul is going to be reborn. So, in that village, or in that family, that Lord of Judgment takes that soul, and that soul gets rebirth at that place. Masters do not send the angels of death. They always send the Lord of Judgment, and then the Lord of Judgment follows the instructions of the Master and gives rebirth to the soul at a different place. So, when that soul is reborn, because he is born in a different body, that connection he had with the earlier Master, that doesn't continue. So, usually, the Master, Who is there at that time, He takes that soul under His instructions, and then, He takes that soul further inside.

So, once a soul is initiated, the Masters never leave the soul back in the ocean of life and death. They usually always take the soul within. Even if the soul has love and devotion equal to one seed of a sunflower, even if he has done that little meditation or devotion, but he cares about the Master, then They come and fetch that soul.

So, this is a very precious time that has been given by God Almighty to us. And we should be very mindful of this precious time. And we should be worried about going back to our True Home to God Almighty.

So, this morning time is good. The mind is quiet and we have just woken up. A quiet mind is good for meditation and we should use this time to arise and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.