Meditation Talk - 15 Jan 2015- Morning

Praying To The Feet Of The Masters – The Showering Of Grace

TODAY, FIRST THING IS THAT I PRAY to the Feet of the Masters, SomAjaib, Who graced me and made me capable of doing the seva of that. So, I got the opportunity of doing seva at the feet of Somanath Ji Maharaj for three years. And, for Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj, I got the opportunity for eleven years. These two great Masters have graced my life and made me capable of doing the seva. Otherwise, I was not capable of doing anything.

In the ashram at Kenegeri, I used to do the seva in the night and this went on across the night. And I could sleep in the daytime between 2:00 and 6:00 PM. I used to take rest, otherwise, the rest of the time I used to do seva.

So, during the nighttime, I used to guard the boundary walls of the ashram. I used to spend the whole night doing that. And then, in the morning after I had tea, I used to go and do seva and the volunteering work in the farms, along with the other sevadars. So, between two to six o'clock, for about four hours, I used to get sleep.

So, four days before Somanath Baba Ji left His body, He summoned for me at about three o'clock. I had just gone to sleep at two o'clock, and a sevadar came and woke me up at three and told me that Baba Ji was calling me.

So, I could barely wake up at 3:00 PM and the sevadar came to wake me up and my eyes were all red. I was wondering whether someone had complained about the night duty of mine. And so I was very scared when I went up to Baba Ji.

So, when I went up to Baba Ji, there were about eight other sevadars there. Bernard was there. Christopher was there. Narayanappa was there. And Narayan Ji from Bombay was there. Baba Ji had already had a discussion with them when I arrived.

When I went there, I bowed down to Baba Ji, and He gave me a Prashad of a banana. And He said, "Look, there is a tractor that is going to go to the Beta Ashram. So, you have to go with that and you have to do seva there. And then, I'm going to go. Then, you'll have to continue doing seva there."

I was very young at that age. I did not understand the full meaning of what Baba Ji told me. After about four days, Baba Ji left His body. So, I had not fully understood what Baba Ji had said. And it was only in 1985, when I met Sant Ji in Bombay, that He took me inside the room. And, for almost one hour, He explained the entire meaning of what Somanath Baba Ji had told Him, the entire purpose of what I am supposed to be doing.

So, He told me that I have to go back to Andra Pradesh, and there, I have to do my duty. I have to do the seva.

He said, “Baba Somanath Ji has planted saplings. He has initiated people there, devotees there, and you should go and give the water to those saplings.”

So, Sant Ji always showered a lot of Grace on me and He always helped me throughout. And when He had come to Bangalore, I requested Him and I told Him that “The ashram is nearby. So, please grace the ashram by Your Lotus Feet."

He asked me how far the ashram was and I told him, "It is about two hundred kilometers and, driving by car, it will take us about four, four and a half hours."

So, Sant Ji told me, “Look, I have a problem with sugar and I cannot sit that long. But, it doesn't matter. I am always there in the ashram. You always be very clear that I will always be there with you in the ashram.”

So, whatever we see today in these ashrams, and whatever is happening, is only the Grace of these two great Masters. I will never be able to forget the Grace that They have showered upon me. And one can never fathom the Grace that Masters shower upon us. I did not know how to speak Telugu. I could speak a little bit of Kannada. But, with His Grace, I could learn Telugu and I could talk and do Satsangs in Telugu and Kannada now.

So, it is only with Their Grace that all this is happening. In fact, it is the Master only Who does everything. He alone does it. He alone showers the Grace, and it is the Master Who does everything.

So, it is the Grace of these two Masters on all of us that this program is happening. And all of you are here and doing Simran and Dhyan and Bhajan. I thank all of you to have come and have done your Simran and your meditation. And I thank you on behalf of myself, and on behalf of the Masters because all of you have spent a lot of money coming here and a lot of time coming here. And I pray to the Masters that He gives you a lot of Grace inside.

So, I am very happy that all of you have come. And it gives me great pleasure to have this program and have all of you here. And I pray to the Master that His Grace remains forever on all of you.

So, it is early morning time, and we should make most of this time. And so, please, close your eyes and do the Simran, contemplation on the Master, and Bhajan.