Meditation Talk - 15 August 2017- Morning

God Almighty Never Comes Into This World As An Avatar — All The Avatars Who Come Into This World Are Sent By Kal


ONCE, SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ WAS WORKING in His office and He was working beyond 5:00 PM. Usually, they would leave at 5:00 PM. So, he had more work, so he was continuing to work. So, his friend, Keher Singh, who also an initiate of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, came to Him and he suggested to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, "Let us leave now."

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, "There is five, ten minutes work, let me just finish it and then we’ll stop working."

So then, Keher Singh told him, "Leave it. God Himself will finish it."
Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj laughingly told him, "Which God will do it?"
So, when He said that, Keher Singh wondered because all along he felt that there is only one God Almighty. Since Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had questioned him, he was wondering whether there was another God Almighty also. But he didn't say anything. He just had a question in his mind.

So, that way, with that same question, Keher Singh went to sleep, and in his dream, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came and He settled that question. So, He said in that dream, "Yes, there are two gods, one is Kal who is the god of this world, and the other is the God of all the Saints, Who is Dayal.”

So, in the morning when they met, Keher Singh didn't say anything and they went about their work. At noon, when they met for lunch, when both were sitting, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him, "You had that question. Do you want me to answer it or...?”

But Keher Singh said, "Oh no, I have got the answer in the night."
So, Keher Singh told him, “Yes, I indeed had a doubt last evening when I left and I was thinking about it in the night before sleeping, and then Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj gave me the answer. He came in my dreams and told me and explained to me, that there are two gods indeed. One is the god of all this world, Kal, and the other is the God of the Saints Who is Dayal.”

So, this is the realm of Kal. And Kal is the god of this region and his laws apply here. And the other God is Dayal Who is sitting in Anaami. And He is the God of all the Saints and He is God Almighty.

God Almighty doesn't come into this world as an avatar. He never comes here. So, all the avatars who come into this world are all sent by Kal. Most of the avatars are the avatars of Vishnu, or the avatars of Shiva, and both Shiva and Vishnu look after the welfare of this creation. And where there are any problems relating to that creation or the smooth functioning of that creation, then they take avatars and come.

We should sit for meditation for two and a half hours every day. When we sit for meditation like that, a lot of our questions will get answered within. And we should make a habit of sitting for two and a half hours. By sitting for half an hour or an hour only, we are not going to get much progress, though it is better than not doing anything. And we do spend that time in the remembrance of our Master, so He will definitely come at the time of death to take our soul. But that will not give us much progress. So, we have to try and sit for two and a half hours.

So, if you want to experience spirituality, you want to get inner experiences, then you should sit for two and half hours at least, and try to sit for more than that for getting those experiences.

So, it is morning time and the atmosphere is quiet. Our mind is quiet and we should make the most of this time. So, we should sit, close our eyes, and sit for meditation.