Meditation Talk - 15 August 2016 - Morning

Love Can Only Be Focused In One Direction

SANT MAT IS A PATH OF LOVE. God Almighty is Love. Our soul is also Love. And the Path by which the soul goes back to God Almighty is also of Love.

There is only one love that we have. And that love today is in outwardly, worldly pursuits and attachments. If that love is then focused at the Feet of the Master and we put that love in Naam, then our work is done, because love can only be focused in one direction. It cannot be in two directions.

Sant Ji used to tell us this story of Sohni and Mahiwal. Sohni and Mahiwal, they loved each other, and Sohni would go across the river every day to meet him in the evening. Sohni did not know how to swim. She used to take an earthen pot that was properly baked. It would float in the water. So, she would use that pot and take the help of that pot to float. And she would, that way, cross the river every day. And when she would come back at about 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock in the night, she would again hide that pot in a bush near the river, and then go home.

Now, one day, someone saw this and that person replaced this pot with another earthen pot, which was not baked. It was just made of clay.

So, see how this love is. If it rained heavily, there were thunderstorms; there was no fear of that. There was no fear of the river to cross. There was no fear of any scorpion or snakes or such other insects on the way. But, she was going there.

So, the next night when she went, there was moonlight. And when she went there and took that pot from the bush, she realized that the pot was much heavier. And, when she saw that pot, she realized that this pot is not properly baked and that, if she takes it in the river, she will drown with that pot. But then, she resolved to cross the river with that pot. She knew that pot would dissolve in this water and she would drown. But, she felt that love is love because she felt that if she crosses, then she would meet her love. And, if she doesn't cross, then she would die for her love. So, despite all that, she crossed, she went into the river.

Now, the river was in full force. And, when she went midway, that pot dissolved because it was not properly baked. And, in that force of the river, she was carried away and she drowned in that river.

Therefore, love is only one, where we can either tie it to our attachments here, or we can tie it at the Feet of God Almighty because love cannot be bidirectional. It has to be in one direction. If we try to do it in both directions then, in the end, we have repentance.

Masters have come. They have also had families. But, They have got Their love and affection at the Feet of God Almighty. They have detached from the love of Their families and directed that love at the Feet of God Almighty. They did all Their work and duties relating to Their families. They performed all of that, but Their love and affection were directed at God Almighty. And that is how They got Their success.

You can see in Their Banis that each sentence that They have written, it reflects so much love and affection that They have for God Almighty. And then, if we just read each line and try to understand, we will get to know how much love and affection They had for God Almighty. And that will help us also.

So, while we go about our lives, we should remember that all these attachments, all this world outside, is false. It is not real. It is only there for a few days and then we will have to leave it. So, we should remember that and we should go about our worldly life. We should go about our duties, assuming these as our duties as we have come here in this world. And that, finally, we should be going back to our True Home. And we should do our Simran every day.

Now, the time is good. We should make use of this time, close our eyes and sit for meditation.