Meditation Talk - 15 August 2015 - Morning

It Is Because Of The Naam That This World Is Intact

MASTERS HAVE ALWAYS TALKED about the greatness of Naam. Swami Ji Maharaj has said, “From fifty-two letters, everything has been created. All the three worlds have been created. From these, the four Vedas, six Shastras, and eighteen Puranas have been created, and all the great writings have been created from these fifty-two letters.” And He says, “Everything contained and written in these fifty-two letters, which can be seen and heard, are all going to be destroyed.”

Naam, which is given by the Masters, is the Sound Current or Naam, which you cannot see with your eyes, and you cannot hear with your ears. It is what resonates within. And it can only be heard and seen by the eyes and ears of the soul. That Naam has come from Sach Khand-Sat Lok. It has come and manifested Itself at the back of the Eye Center. And from there downward, It has activated the human body. That Sound Current is called Naam by Saints.

Mira Bai spent half her life doing the devotion of Lord Krishna. And once, when she went to bathe in the Ganges, she went to Ravidas Ji. And there, she heard the Satsang. That Satsang transformed her and, thereafter, she took initiation and she did the practice of Naam.

Now, she was a very pure soul. So, once she got the initiation and she practiced the Naam, she rose within and she got her salvation. She said she had become intoxicated and mad in the love of Naam. She was so intoxicated in the Naam that she used to often spend time dancing, and she was lost in Naam. She would go to various sages, and when she would meet them also, she would dance and sing the praise of Naam. And she was completely intoxicated in Naam.

Now, her brother-in-law was a rajput and he did not like this behavior. He felt that this is bringing disrespect to his family. But she was so much intoxicated in Naam and the greatness of Naam that she did not stop this. She continued to dance by taking Naam.

So, he took various measures to eliminate her. He sent her a glass of poison. And then he told the maids, “You tell her this is the water from the Lotus Feet of the Masters that has been dearly washed and she should take it.” Because, anything in the Name of the Master, she would consume.

The maid gave her this and told her, “This is from the Holy Feet of your Master.” So, she drank it, because she was so much in love with Naam and her Master that she immediately drank that poison. And for her, it became transformed into nectar.

Masters have praised the greatness of Naam. It is because of the Naam that this world is intact. And once we go within and manifest the Naam within, then we get completely transformed.

So, it is the morning time. And morning time is a good time because the mind has just woken up. It is fresh and a fresh mind is good for meditation. We should make the most use of this and sit for our meditation.