Meditation Talk 14 Jan 2017– Morning

One Should Have Seamless Love, Faith, And Devotion At The Feet Of The Master

SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ HAD TWO DEVOTEES. One was Machar and the other was Ramdita. Both would do a lot of meditation, for three to four hours. And, they would do that in the morning. And then, after they sat for the meditation, they would go in the farm and do the work. After they sat for meditation, they would meet and they would inquire between themselves, whether they had the darshan of the Master.

Once, it happened that they sat for meditation, and they sat for quite some time, but they did not get the darshan of the Master within. So, they sat on that day for meditation for three hours, but they didn't get any darshan of the Master within. They continued to sit for nearly four and half hours, but they did not get any darshan within. Then, they got up, and they met at the usual place where they would meet after the meditation. And they inquired between themselves as to whether each of them had got a darshan of the Master within. So, both of them said they hadn't got the darshan. And it was an important day for them to be on the farm because the irrigation water would come on that particular day for their farm.

That water was given to the farm every week. If they missed that opportunity of taking the water and letting it into their farm, then the maize that they had planted would dry and that crop would be lost. So, they continued to talk, and then, Ramdita told Machar, “It doesn't matter. We should go and sit for meditation. Because, if that water doesn't come, and if the maize dries, it is the Master’s maize, which will dry. So, we should go back and sit in our meditation.” And they went and sat for about two and a half hours of meditation. And, this time, they got the darshan of the Master within. And then, after that, happily they went and did their work on the farm.

So, that way, one should have seamless love, faith, and devotion at the feet of the Master. All these are very important for us to progress on this Path.

But, generally, what we do instead is, we place the world before our meditation. And, when we sit for meditation, whether we get any darshan within, or whether that meditation is really meaningful when we sit there, we don't pay much heed and importance to that. Instead, we always place our other duties and worldly matters ahead of that. So, that is what we are giving as a priority in our life. And, this illustrates that we have placed our love and affection in the world and all our worldly attachments, and that love and affection is not at the feet of the Master. So, it is very important for us to take that time out, and spend that, and do meaningful meditation. Every day, we should take out time. We should take out two and a half hours and do our meditation. And, just as it is important to give food to our body, it is equally important to give food for our soul. And, bhajan Simran is the food for our soul.

So, it is early morning. We have woken up and our mind is fresh and quiet, and the atmosphere is quiet. We should make the most of this time given to us and close our eyes and sit for meditation.