Meditation Talk 14 Jan 2016 – Morning

Even The Gods And Goddesses Must Come Back To The Human Form To Get Salvation

MAHATMAS HAVE SAID that this human body is sought after by even gods and goddesses because they also would like to have this body. They have longer lives, and they have more enjoyment and a better body, but they do not have salvation in that body.

So when, in the human form, we do the worship of gods and goddesses, and we have good karmas, then we go to heavens. So, when we do the devotion of gods, we go to heavens. If we complete our devotion of Lord Vishnu, we go to Vaikuntha. And if we do our devotion of Lord Shiva, then we go to Kailash. So, these are the places where the humans go after their death, where they are devoted to each of these gods.

It is because of one’s good karmas that one is sent there, and once one gets into that body then, even there, there are desires. Though it is more blissful, there are desires there. And, when the account of good karmas for which one has been sent to this heaven of Vaikuntha or Kailash get over, then a human body is given again to that soul and it comes back into this life. So, even mahatmas, even yogis, have done pranayamas, and other austerities and penances, and they have also gone as high as Brahm, but even when they go into that causal body, even there, there is no salvation.

When the devotee is taken by his Master upwards into the higher planes, he also crosses the astral plane where the gods and goddesses are there. And when they see the Masters taking the devotees upwards, they also request the Masters that they should also get salvation and He should take them also. But the Masters tell them that, from there, They cannot take them up, because they are bound to be there for a while, and then, go back into this human life. So, they have to wait for that, and only after that, the Masters can give them salvation.

Therefore, Saints have sung the praises of a human form, because even gods and goddesses want to have this human body. After crores of our lives, we have got this opportunity of sitting here and doing meditation. And, with the Grace of God Almighty, we have the company of the Masters.

So, we should make use of this opportunity and go back to God Almighty. Every day, we should do the Bhajan and Simran and the Path and the directions given by the Masters to us. We should not look at Bhajan Simran as a burden. We should do it lovingly and with devotion. The objective of our life is to do Bhajan Simran, to get salvation, and get out of this ocean of life and death. So, therefore, we should do our Bhajan Simran with love and affection.

So, this morning time is good. We have woken up and our mind is fresh and it is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should use this time, and sit, and close our eyes, and get connected with the Simran Dhyan.