Meditation Talk - 14 Jan 2015- Afternoon

The Heart Of A Saint And The Two Real Possessions

SANT JI USED TO TELL a story, which was called ‘The Heart of a Saint’.
A sadhu decided to go on a pilgrimage and he cooked some rotis and he carried these rotis with him. And, at the end of one day, he stopped at a masjid for the night. He had carried these rotis with him to eat every day, which he would eat only once a day.

He woke up the next day, got ready, and again left. And he walked a few kilometers till late evening. When he stopped, he remembered to eat. So, he opened the packet, or bundle of rotis, he had carried with him. When he opened the packet of rotis, he found that there were lots of ants that were eating those rotis. And then, he felt sad that he had carried these ants about twenty miles away from their families. As a result, many ants would have left their parents, brothers, sisters, wives, etc.

So, he packed the bundle of rotis back and again walked back twenty miles. When he reached the same mosque, near the mosque he left these rotis, and he told these ants that “You kindly take these rotis back to your homes."

So, Sant Ji says that none of the teachings of any religion prescribe killing of any sort. And all of the religions prescribe peace and love for everyone, one and all.

One day, Mohammed Sahib took twenty of His near disciples and went to a mosque and He asked all of them to sit. And He told them that “I will ask each of you a question and you have to reply to it."

So, the first disciple was among His leading disciples. His name was Umar. And Umar was a big farmer in his own right. And Mohammed Sahib asked him, "Okay, Umar, tell me, what all do you possess?”

So, Umar started off saying how many wives he had, how much land he had, how many camels he had, how many cows he had, and all the wealth that he had. He took a good ten minutes explaining all the things and properties that he possessed.

Likewise, Mohammed Sahib asked the other disciples also, and then each one took between two minutes to five minutes explaining all that they possessed.

There was Sheikh Ali who was, again, a good disciple. So, Mohammed Sahib finally asked Sheikh Ali that “You stand up and tell us what you possess."

Sheikh Ali bowed down to Mohammed Sahib, and he said, "I only have You and I have Almighty. These are the only two things I have."

So, this was Mohammed Sahib’s lesson to everybody, to teach them that all that we consider as our possessions, and all of the things that we feel belong to us, are not really ours and they don't belong to us. The only true ‘belongings’ are the Master and God Almighty.

Finally, at the time of death, when the soul leaves the body, none of these possessions come for any help whatsoever. It is only the Guru Who comes and Naam that comes. It is only the Guru Who helps us in the physical plane right now, and then also, after that, in the planes above. So, it is only the Guru Who is always there with us to help us. One should follow the Teachings of the Guru, or the Master, and try his level best to do Simran and try to come above the senses and focus at the Eye Center, see the Radiant Form of the Master and get in touch with the Sound Current.

So, the time is good. It is quiet and we should use this time to close our eyes and do our Simran and meditate and contemplate at the Eye Center on the Form of the Master.