Meditation Talk - 14 Jan 2015- Morning

Dadu Dayal Ji – A Simple And Humble Life

DADU DAYAL JI HAS BEEN a great Saint and He established an ashram in Rajasthan. He was known for His humility. He used to dress in very simple clothes. He used to wear a dhoti around and just take a shawl on top. He used to be clean-shaven and would, daily, also have His head clean-shaven.

Once, two pundits, who were impressed by Dadu Dayal Ji’s Satsang, had come for initiation early in the morning. Just while they were at the doorstep, Dadu Dayal Ji was headed out with a pail of water to attend His morning cleansing. When He crossed them, the brahmins, who were from a higher caste, considered it inauspicious for a lower caste person to cross them in the morning.

Now then, both feared that, since this inauspicious event had occurred, perhaps their work of getting initiation would remain unfulfilled. So, both of them knocked twice on Dadu Dayal Ji’s head to dispel the bad omen.

It is written in the Scriptures that if you face something inauspicious like this, then you should knock twice on the head of that lower caste person and that inauspiciousness goes away.

Therefore, when Dadu Dayal Ji passed them, both of them knocked twice on His head in order to get rid of that inauspiciousness.

Later, the two pundits went inside and they asked the sevadars where the Master was. They were told that He is getting ready and He shall come shortly.

While they were waiting, Dadu Dayal Ji got ready and He came again with His dhoti and shawl. He came and sat on the chair.

At that point, the two pundits realized the blunder and they were terribly embarrassed that they had knocked on the head of this same person who was going to be their Master.

Seeing their embarrassment, Dadu Dayal Ji smiled and He said, “Don't feel embarrassed. Even when we go to buy a small, cheap earthen pot, we knock twice and see whether it's okay."

So, thereafter, He asked why they had come. They requested for initiation and Dadu Dayal Ji graced them and gave them initiation.

Thus, Dadu Dayal Ji led a very simple life. He was of the same weaver community as Kabir Sahib Sahib. He lived a very simple and humble life and He was a great Saint. After Him, His disciple Rajjab became the Master, and He was quite well known across India.

So, it is morning time and the mind is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. We should take advantage of this and sit and focus on Simran and Dhyan. Please close your eyes and sit for meditation.