Meditation Talk 14 August 2017– Afternoon

In Sant Mat, There Is Only One Thing Spoken About — There Is Only One Path And One God Almighty.

IN INDIA, THERE ARE SEVERAL paths and religions and there are several practices. And even in the Holy Scriptures, there are references of different deities and different worships of each of these deities.

But, in Sant Mat, there is only one thing spoken about, which is going back to God Almighty. There is only one Path and one God Almighty. And it was the same Path in Sat Yuga and in Dwapar and Treta and Kali Yuga. So, the Path of going back to God Almighty is the same in Sant Mat.

When Kabir Sahib came to Varanasi and He started preaching the doctrine of Sant Mat, both the Hindus as well as the Muslims started opposing him.

In the fifteenth century, King Lodi came and he ruled in northern India. And his spiritual advisor, the kazi, told him, “Kabir Sahib is doing all the wrong teachings and he's going against the doctrine of the Muslim books and scriptures. And he says that Ram and Rahim, both are the same, so all gods are one, which is not correct, and therefore he should be punished.”

So, Lodi got annoyed and he summoned Kabir Sahib to be brought and presented in front of him.

When Kabir Sahib came in front of Sikander Lodi, he simply folded his hands, but he did not bow his head down to Sikander Lodi. So, the Kazi told Lodi, "See how egoistic he is. He's not even bowing his head to you. And he is simply greeting like one would greet anybody, any ordinary person. He is just folding his hands."

So, Sikander Lodi asked Kabir Sahib why he greeted him like this?
And Kabir Sahib replied, "There is only one God Almighty to whom I bow my head. And, other than that, I don't bow my head to anybody."

Sikander Lodi got annoyed with this and he ordered that the hands and legs of Kabir Sahib be chained and he should be thrown in the Ganges. Now, the Kazi wanted that only, so he tied iron chains and he put him in a sack so that he would drown inside with those chains.

So, when they threw Him in the Ganges, He appeared and then He came and stood next to Sikander Lodi again. And they were quite surprised to see that.

But they further ordered Him to be killed under an elephant and they put an intoxicated elephant in a closed compound and He was ordered to be thrown in that compound. So, when that elephant also came in front of Kabir Sahib, he also had a vision like a lion, and he stepped back and he did not step on Kabir Sahib.

Then, they ordered Him to be thrown from a cliff top so that He would fall and die. So, they threw Him, accordingly, from the top of the cliff. But then again, after some time, He appeared to be standing next to Sikander Lodi. And they tried some of other measures also like that.

But, finally, Sikander Lodi understood that Kabir Sahib was not an ordinary person and He was a Fakir. And, thereafter, he pleaded to be forgiven. He bowed down to Kabir Sahib. And he pleaded that he should be forgiven as he was not aware that Kabir Sahib was a great Mahatma and a Fakir.

Kabir Sahib told him, "Don't worry. This was fated to happen with me and you are not responsible. Don't hold yourself responsible for this. So, you can lift your head." So, Sikander Lodi stood up and then he prayed that he also would get salvation. And then, accordingly, Kabir Sahib initiated Sikander Lodi and the Kazi also.

And the raja, Bir Singh, he was the king of Varanasi, he was an initiate and he respected Kabir Sahib anyways. So, after these incidents, everyone came to know about Kabir Sahib and His Teachings spread all over the place.

In that way, Saints come from time to time into this world to awaken the souls and, when They come for the first time, They have to overcome all these impediments and all of these other practices, which create a blockage for Them. So, They have to face all these difficulties. Even Guru Nanak Sahib had to face a lot of difficulties to explain the Sant Mat to everybody.

So, this often happens with Saints and many Saints had to face hardship because of this. Because what They explain is the truth and the people, who are otherwise lost in outward practices, they often oppose these Teachings. So, a lot of Saints had to suffer and They were put to hardship because of this. Likewise, even Paltu Sahib had to face such an opposition.

Now, in these days and these times, it is easier for people to understand the principles of Sant Mat and such hardship is not being caused to Saints. But, in the past, a lot of hardship was caused to the Saints and a lot of injustice was done to them.

In the village where I stayed, practically in every house there used to be the rituals of Ramayana, near Banares, because that is a place where all these rituals abound. And in each household in my village and around in Banaras, everyone has the deity of Ram and they all do the deity worship there.

But, once we had the ashram set there and we started talking about Sant Mat then, gradually, a lot of transformation has happened in the place. Now, almost about a hundred fifty to two hundred people come each time for getting initiated and there is a lot of transformation that I see in the place.

Nowadays also, people are more educated and they understand more also. So, they understand the principles, they follow the Path more easily. Earlier, people were not that educated and there were more blind beliefs and all these hard doctrines were blindly followed in the past.

So, we are indeed fortunate to be in this time to understand the doctrine of Sant Mat and the practices. And God has given us this opportunity in these times. So, we should make the most of this opportunity given to us.

So, the time is good and we should make the most of this time. So, let us get connected to Simran and Dhyan and let us close our eyes.