Meditation Talk - 14 August 2017- Morning

The Food Of The Soul Is Meditation — And The Water For The Soul Is The Satsangs


BABAJI USED TO OFTEN SAY in His Satsang, "Leave a hundred things and sit for Satsang, and leave a thousand things and sit for meditation.” Just as we have food and we give that as nutrients to the body, in the same way, we need Satsang and meditation for the soul. The food of the soul is meditation. And the water for the souls is the Satsangs. And, by listening to Satsangs and doing meditation, the mind reduces its power and the soul starts gaining its strength.

To grow a tree we need to give it fertilizer and nutrients and water. In the same way, the seed of Naam that has been sown for going back into deeper meditation, we need to do the meditation and listen to Satsangs. By listening to Satsangs every day, our love for our Master goes on increasing. Otherwise, the mind gets power and it tries to lead us astray.

When we don't listen to Satsang and we only try to do meditation then, gradually, that meditation also is reduced. And we have seen there are several satsangis who don't do any meditation, they don't listen to Satsangs, and even to go and meet the Master they take two or three years. So, that is because their love and affection for the Master are reduced.

So, even when the disciples have a Living Master, they seldom come to meet Him. And, quite often, they come only once in, perhaps, three years. And they don’t do meditation and they don't listen to Satsang. That is the reason that their love and affection for the Master has been reduced.

Those who do meditation regularly and who listen to Satsang regularly, they come quite often. They attend a lot of bhandaras and they come quite often to meet their Master.

So, by doing meditation and listening to Satsang, our love and affection for the Master and our devotion increase. And by not doing so regularly, our attention and love and devotion to the Master reduce and we get more focused outwardly in all the worldly matters and anxieties.

When we sit for meditation also, we should not think of it as a burden, we should do it lovingly. And, sometimes when we sit, we are very dry in the meditation. We don't have much love and affection. In those situations, it is better that you sing a Bani, or sing a poem of the Masters, or listen to Them so that that love and affection comes up and you will do it lovingly.

Because, if we have love and affection, then we are able to collect our thoughts and that attention is more focused. If we don't have love and affection and we are looking at it as a burden only, then the thoughts don't stay focused for a long time. We are not able to focus our attention.

So, we should make it a point to take out time in our routine for our meditation and Satsang. In whatever work we have, whatever pressures we have of our daily routine, we should, nevertheless, take out time for doing meditation. Because nobody has ever been able to complete all his work in this world and go. So, if the pressures will always stay then, within that, we have to take out time. Because this is our true work of meditation so that we can get out of the clutches of Kal and get salvation for the soul and go back to our True Home. So, we should do our meditation and Satsang regularly.

Now, the time is very good and we should make the most of this time. So, let's close our eyes and sit for meditation.