Meditation Talk 14 August 2016 – Afternoon

From Time To Time, The Sound Current Manifests In The Form Of The Masters

IT IS SAID THAT, from time to time, the Sound Current manifests in the form of Masters and They keep coming into this world from time to time. So, that same Power has manifested as Kabir Sahib and as Paltu Sahib and Dadu Dayal, and so many other Masters. It is that same Sound Current, which has come in the form of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, Sant Ji and Somanath Baba Ji Maharaj. That Power is the same in one and all.

Only when It is in the body, It is encased in the body, It is a small drop. And when It goes back to God Almighty, It turns into an ocean.

It is like taking a thousand-watt bulb and covering it with a blanket, so the light outside will be less than what appears as a thousand-watt bulb. But the bulb is giving the same amount of light. That way, if you cover it with another blanket, then the light will diminish. And further, if you cover it with another blanket then, perhaps, it will become completely dark. But, inside, the light is the same.

When the soul comes from Sach Khand-Sat Lok, it has the luminance of sixteen suns. When it comes down to Par Brahm and, below that, when it comes to Brahm, the first causal body, or the causal covering, is enveloped around the soul. That way, when it comes down further, at the Sahasdal Kamal level, the astral body is covered over that, and it has a second covering. And further, when it comes into the physical body, the physical body covering envelops it. So, It gets three coverings.

So, that way, when we meditate and we focus our attention at the back of the Eye Center and we come to the eighth chakra, there we get ourselves rid of the outermost covering. That way, when we go to Brahm, the second covering goes off. And at the Par Brahm level, the third covering also is completely removed and the soul comes back in its True Form.

So, all the souls are the same, only that they have come and got covered like this by Kal and Maya. Now, they have three different coverings and they look different.

With the preachings of the Master, as the soul goes and progresses within, it slowly gets itself rid of all these outward coverings and comes slowly back into its True Form. It is akin to a drop of ocean that is there. That is the current form of the soul. And when, on the Teachings of the Masters, it goes within, comes to the eighth chakra and sees the form of the Radiant Form of the Master within, it gets converted into the form of a wave, a tidal wave. And, after that, when it goes further with the Grace of the Master, it goes to Par Brahm. It gets the form of a river. And then, when it goes back further still to Sach Khand-Sat Lok, it becomes the form of an ocean.

But, the soul has, for now, come into the realm of Kal and Maya. And that is why it has got into this whole ocean of suffering. So, under the realm of Kal and Maya, it has forgotten its True Self, and it is now understanding itself as this jivatma, as this body, and is associated with all this.

If it doesn't do the efforts to go back, it will not come back to its True Essence and understand itself.

So, however much we do our reading and we increase our understanding, we will not get the satisfaction and the faith till we go within and see the True Form of the Master, the Radiant Form of the Master. With the Grace of the Master, the Sound Current that is coming from Sach Khand-Sat Lok and resonating at the back of the Eye Center, that manifests and the soul then gets connected to that Sound Current.

God Almighty has kept the Path of going back to God Almighty in this body itself. And, therefore, we need not go anywhere outside to do any outward practices. We have to only make our efforts and do our practice to go within. Today, because of our continuous thought processes of this world, we have become very outwardly inclined. And all our thoughts, all of our desires, attachments, everything is pulling us outward.

But, by following the Teachings of the Masters and doing our meditation, using the Simran of the Naam that has been given to us, we will start getting inwardly inclined and we start going then within. We should also, therefore, be industrious in our practice and we should make efforts to go within. And we should forever remember that we have to go to our True Home. We should be missing our True Home. Then, we will get the Grace of the Masters.

So, when we sit for our meditation every day, and the Master is sitting within us only, and He is seeing. And He then gives us a lot of Grace.

Therefore, we should do our Bhajan Simran every day. Like we do all our other work every day, we should also make it a point to do our Bhajan Simran every day.

So, this time is good now. Let us make the most of it, close our eyes and sit for meditation.