Meditation Talk - 14 August 2016 - Morning

By Listening To Satsang, Our Courage And Resolve To Do Meditation Gets Stronger

IN AGRA, THE PARENTS of Swami Ji Maharaj were devotees of Tulsi Sahib. Quite frequently, within a month or two months, Tulsi Sahib would often visit his parents.

One of the key satsangis with Tulsi Sahib was Girdhari Lal. And once, on such a visit, when Tulsi Sahib came, news spread that He was coming and it was afternoon time. So, when He came, all the ladies around the area, they gathered, and even the people from the house gathered.

So, in those days, people would wear hand-woven khadi clothes, and those were quite thick and, because of the sweat, they would smell a lot. So, when they came to meet Tulsi Sahib and they all gathered close to him, Girdhari Lal requested all of them to sit at a little distance, because they were all stinking. So, he told them to sit a little behind.

Tulsi Sahib then told him, “You are only smelling the bad odor of their clothes, but you are not getting the good odor and the scent of their love.” And then He said, “You don't know. In this house, there will be a Great Soul that will be born Who will be very famous in this world.”

So, with the blessings of Tulsi Sahib, shortly thereafter, Swami Ji Maharaj was born there. And, at a very young age, he got initiation. He sat in one room, in a dark room, for almost eighteen years and did his meditation.

All the Saints Who have come have always emphasized on the practice, on the importance of doing meditation and Dhyan Bhajan. And They have all spent a lot of time in Their lives doing that.

So, therefore, it is important for us also to sit every day and we should listen to Satsang every day and sit for our meditation every day. By listening to Satsang, what happens is that our mind gets settled. It gets calm. It is, otherwise, very turbulent and disturbed in worldly matters. So, by sitting in Satsang, it becomes calm, which is good for meditation. By listening to Satsang we get courage to do meditation. Our resolve to do meditation and walk on this Path becomes stronger. And, the more we listen to Satsang, we understand and get more aware of the reality and the untrue nature of this world. And, therefore, our mind starts focusing inwards and there is less focus in the world outside. So, Satsang is very important. And then, to get the Grace of the Masters, we have to sit for meditation. Therefore, both these things are equally important.

So, the morning time is good. Our mind is quiet in the morning. We have just woken up. During the day, and as the day progresses, the mind becomes more and more turbulent. So, this is a good time to sit for our meditation. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.