Meditation Talk 14 August 2015 – Afternoon

The Story Of Brahmanand Ji, The Train Stationmaster

THE BHAJAN THAT WAS JUST SUNG, it is by Brahmanand Ji. He was also a gurumukh. He had taken the Naam from a Master and he was a stationmaster. And he used to do meditation and Simran very often. So, whatever time he would get free, he would spend that in doing Simran and meditation.

In those days, trains used to be quite infrequent. And, this particular day, this train was delayed by about one hour. So, Brahmanand Ji felt, “What do I do with this additional time I have? I’ll do some meditation. If I just sit like that, people will come and unnecessarily chat. And then, just before the train comes, I’ll spend that ten minutes…I’ll come…ring the bell…sell the tickets…and then, when the train is to leave, I will show the flag. And before that, I will sit for meditation.”

So, he told his servant, “When the train is coming, please inform me and let me know before it arrives.” And he sat for meditation. He was used to sitting for meditation and he was a good practitioner. But that day, when he sat for meditation, he got very good attention and the soul left the nine doors. So, he sat for meditation and he got a very good experience. Instead of sitting one hour, he sat for two hours.

Now, the train came on time. And in place of Brahmanand, his Master manifested and did all his activities as Brahmanand. He rang the bell. He sold the tickets. Whatever money He collected, He placed it in the box where Brahmanand usually kept it. So, all those duties, He performed.

Now, when Brahmanand Ji got up from meditation, after that, he came out of the meditation trance and he got a shock. When he woke up and he came out of the meditation, he was worried. And he quickly came out and asked that servant, “What happened? Did the train come?”

He said, “Yes, the train came. And the train left also.”
So, he said, “Who rang the bell then?” And he said, “You rang the bell.” “Who sold the tickets?” He said, “You sold the tickets.”

Brahmanand was quite shocked and he quickly went back to see. And then he saw in that box how the money was also correctly kept and accounted. Once he saw all this, then he realized and he believed, “Yes, it was my Master Who has come and done all of these things while I was in meditation.”

So, he decided, “Okay, from now onwards, I'm going to do the meditation and I'm going to spend time there. Let my Master alone do all these activities.”

So, that way, His soul got salvation and He was a great Saint in Pushkar, in Rajasthan. In His bhajan, He says, “The Master has graced me so much that whatever attachments and delusion I had, all that bondage has been broken.”

He was a great Saint and He has written more than five hundred Banis, which all talk a lot of the longing for the Almighty and His Love for the Almighty.

So, that way, there is no limitation for experience in meditation. When we do our meditation with love and affection at the Feet of the Master, and we have firm resolve, we have a firm faith in the Master, then when we do the practice, we can also get the Grace of the Master and we can get some experiences within in a short span of time.

So, it is the afternoon and quiet time. We should use this time and close our eyes and sit for Simran and Bhajan.