Meditation Talk - 14 August 2015 - Morning

We Should Listen To Satsang With Full Attention To Cleanse The Mind

MAHARAJ JI USED TO OFTEN SAY in the Satsang, “Leave a hundred things and go and attend a Satsang, and leave a thousand things and sit for Bhajan.” Both Satsang and Bhajan are very important for the soul. The Bhajan and Simran are like the food of the soul. And Satsang is like the water to the soul.

Yesterday, during the questions, someone asked about Satsangs. So, one should attend Satsang and have a lot of humility and respect for each word said by the Masters. When we listen to the Satsang at home, we should leave all our work and sit down and carefully listen to the Satsang with full attention. And we should believe that everything that is said by the Masters in that Satsang is for us. It's meant for us.

It should not be that we have switched on our DVD or our tape recorder, and the Satsang is going on and we are laughing and talking with someone else, or the kids are playing there, or there’s a lot of other things we are doing. Because, in that case, then the effect on the mind is quite different.

Therefore, when we listen to the Satsang, we should leave all our work and pay full attention and sit quietly. Even if we have to listen for a shorter period of, say, a half an hour, or forty minutes, or forty-five minutes, that is okay. But, when you sit, you should concentrate within and you should listen to the Satsang with full attention. And that impact of that Satsang is as good as the True Master sitting in front of you and giving you a Satsang.

Masters have always sung the praise of Satsang, because They say, “There is no other pilgrimage like a Satsang.”

In the outside pilgrimages, we just wash our body and we take a bath there in the holy waters and come back. But, here in the Satsang, the mind gets cleansed.

For ages and many lives, the dirt and filth of our mind have accumulated. And none of these pilgrimages, or the water at those pilgrimages, is capable of washing that filth. It is only the words of the Masters that can truly cleanse this filth in our mind.

So, if we listen with a true heart and we listen to the Satsang with full attention, then it definitely causes a transformation within us. And we develop a love and devotion for the Masters, which is very important for our Path of Spirituality and for our devotion.

Therefore, for Bhajan and Simran and for Satsang, we should take out time every day, and we should give undivided attention during this time to these practices, just like we give our time for so many other things and other occupations that we have in our daily routine. We should also take our time for Bhajan,Simran, and Satsang. When we get back to our daily routine, we should not get engrossed to the extent that we lose our focus on meditation and Satsang. We should make a routine where Satsang and where Dhyan Bhajan, or meditation, is provided for in that time. And we should do that on a regular basis.

So, if we do not listen to Satsang every day, and do not do our meditation every day, then the mind will delude us and get us entangled in other worldly matters and will not allow us to do meditation and progress within.

Therefore, if we listen to Satsang every day, then we shall be saved from getting deluded because the mind has a habit of taking us away from devotion. So, we should make sure that we do our meditation and we listen to Satsang every day.

So, this morning time is good. We have all woken up and our mind is fresh. We should make the most of this time and sit for our Dhyan and Bhajan.