Meditation Talk 13 Jan 2017– Afternoon

As The Mind Becomes More Pure And Sublime, Automatically, We Are Able To Visualize The Form Of The Master

SWAMI JI, IN HIS BANI, has written, “Do the Dhyan, do the contemplation of the Master. Without that, there is no salvation.” Just like Simran is important, it is equally important to contemplate the Form of the Master within. Like the Simran, when we do Simran, it cuts and eliminates all our thoughts of the world, and we are able to go within. In the same manner, when we contemplate the Form of our Master within, it takes out all the other pictures from the chit, from our faculty of visualization that we have in our mind.

In our mind, there are four faculties. The first is mind, which raises a thought. The second is our intellect, which once the thought is raised by the mind, it starts thinking on that thought. It starts intellectualizing on that thought. The third is chit, or our faculty of visualization. As soon as we start thinking about something, we immediately get a picture of that in our mind. So, that is chit, or our faculty of visualization. And the fourth is ahamkar, our ego. But, this faculty of visualization is only limited to what we have seen with our eyes. So, unless we have seen something, it is not possible to visualize that in our mind.

We see our Master, and when we take initiation also, we see our Master. Now, because we have seen our Master, it is possible for us to contemplate on His Form, which we have seen with our eyes, and bring about that picture in our mind. So, it is very important for us to contemplate on the Form of the Master within, while we are doing our Simran.

Now, it is quite possible that, when we are trying to contemplate on His Form, we cannot visualize the Form of that Master. It comes sometimes. It goes sometimes. We can see partly sometimes. So, that is what keeps happening.

The Form of the Master that is there is very pure. And our mind, because of it being unclean, we are not able to visualize the Form of the Master. As we do our Simran, and as the mind becomes more pure and sublime then, automatically, we are able to visualize the Form of the Master. The Master, Who gives us initiation, He sits within. He is not from outside. He is very much within us. So, as we do our Simran, we will be able to get that Form.

The closest relation that we have is with our Satguru, with our Master. Because, our family members, near and dear ones, we leave behind in our homes, in our villages, in our towns, or in our countries. But, it is the Master Who is, at all times, within us and with us.

When the Master gives us initiation, He comes and sits within, and He never leaves the disciple. So, it is only necessary for us to clean our mind, do our Simran, and contemplate His Form within. Once He initiates us, the account of our karmas gets transferred from the Lord of Judgment to the Master. After that, all our karmas and all the account of karmas are with the Master, and He sits within. It is only our Pralabdh karmas, our deeds, which continue with us. And the Masters do not make changes in those karmas, because our life, and our lifespan, are all determined by the Pralabdh karmas. So, it is possible that we face difficulties because of these karmas. After getting initiated, if we continue to sin and do bad deeds, then we have to redeem those bad deeds in this life itself.

Masters say that we should listen to Satsang every day. We should do our bhajan Simran every day. And, whatever Teachings the Masters have taught us, have explained to us, we should try to internalize and make that a part of our lives. We should make all of this very personal and intrinsic to our life.

We have come on this Path to get salvation and to get out of the cycle of life and death, and if we do not follow the Teachings of the Master, then that timeframe for getting that salvation and getting out of this cycle of life and death elongates. If the karmas are very heavy, then the Masters, sometimes, give another life form to the disciple, and he has to be born again. They do not allow the soul to go in a lower life form. And then, in that subsequent life, the deeds are redeemed, and then They take that soul. The Masters never leave the soul, once They have initiated it.

So, it is very important for us to do the Bhajan Simran that the Masters have given us. And, the Masters are very much within us. The Master, Who has initiated us, we should contemplate the form of His Form inside. We should not try to contemplate any other contemporary Master. We should do our Simran, and along with Simran, we should contemplate the Form of the Master in our chit, so that we can get our focus and go within faster.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet and we should make the most of this. We should sit, close our eyes, and sit for meditation.