Meditation Talk 13 Jan 2017– Morning

We Have Been Identifying With The World — And That Is The Root Cause Of Our Sorrow And Worries

SAINTS AND MASTERS HAVE ALWAYS TALKED and praised the greatness of Naam Simran because Naam Simran is the first step on the ladder of Sant Mat. Masters say that whatever we keep repeating in our mind, we start identifying ourselves with that.

So, if we keep repeating all worldly matters and our attachments, then we start identifying with that. But, instead, if we start doing the Simran given by our Masters with love and affection, then we start identifying with the Masters.

We have been, forever, doing the Simran, doing the repetition of our thoughts of all worldly matters. And we have been identifying with the world. And that is the root cause of our sorrow and our worries.

Therefore, if we want to get rid of those worries, that sorrow, then we have to start doing Naam Simran, because that will cut off all the sorrows, and that will give us salvation. Because, when we do Simran given by our Masters, then that, automatically, starts distancing our other repetition of the mind from all our worldly thoughts, and the mind starts looking inside and starts going within. And, the Master’s sitting within, so we then go and meet our Master.

King Janak, when he completed his life here as a human being and he went within, as he was going within, he came across hell. And, while he was passing that, he thought, “Let me just take a look at it.” So, he went there and he looked into hell. And he saw that the different souls were being given all kinds of punishments by the angels of death, and he felt very sad for those souls.

He went to the Lord of Judgment. And, he asked him as to whether there was any solution to stop this punishment, or relieve this punishment, that was being meted out to all those souls.

So, the Lord of Judgment told him, “Yes, there is a way to relieve all these souls. That is, if some fully Attained Soul, some Master, comes, and He gets these souls to do Naam Simran, then that will relieve them from this punishment.”

So, King Janak then sat for meditation, and for two and a half hours, he did Simran. And then, he gave that power of Simran to all the souls who were there in hell. And all the souls who were in hell, they all were relieved of their punishments, because of that Simran given by King Janak. All of them were relieved from hell and they went back into the cycle of life and death. So, they were all relieved of their punishments.

Guru Nanak Sahib also says, “It is because of one second of Raja Janak’s Simran that so many sinners got relieved.” And, looking at this aspect of Simran, the Masters have also adopted Simran as a means of getting salvation.

King Janak’s Simran was a Simran of vivek, where the soul has already gone to Sahasdal Kamal and is fully aware of itself. And then, it does Simran, that is, vivek Simran, which he had done there. But, Masters, when they do Simran, Their Simran is Sar Simran, which is beyond Par Brahm. So, one cannot fathom the strength and power of that Simran of the Masters. And Masters have given us that Simran, which cuts and redeems all our karmas. And, therefore, it is necessary for us to do that Simran as much as possible.

Simran is the first step on the ladder of Sant Mat. So, we should focus on perfecting our Simran. And then, after that, we should go behind the Shabd and do our practices for trying to listen to the Shabd. Because, once perfected, the Simran should be such that, even when you're sleeping, automatically, your mind should be doing Simran. So, we should, therefore, spend our morning time, when we wake up, we should spend time doing our Simran and meditation, because this is a very precious period that has been given to us, and we should not waste this time.

So, it is early morning time and it is quiet and the mind is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation, and we should make the most of this situation. We should sit down and close our eyes and do our Simran.