Meditation Talk 13 Jan 2016– Afternoon

Babaji’s Seva For Somanath Baba Ji And Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

I PRAY AT THE FEET of SomAjaib Who chose this poor soul and made him fit to do seva. I got the opportunity to do seva for Somanath Baba Ji for three years, and for Ajaib Singh Ji for eleven years. So, for three years, when Somanath Baba Ji was there when He was present in His physical form, and eleven years with Sant Ji when He was present in His physical form.

So, after three years, I spent about five years in the ashram after Somanath Baba Ji, and then, I came to the Pahad Ashram. So, the first three years was when Baba Ji was there. Then, I spent another five years in the ashram in Bangalore, and then, I spent another five years in this Beta Ashram, which is about two hundred kilometers away from Bangalore. .

Baba Ji used to often say that the Pahad Ashram is good for doing meditation. That ashram is built on a hill. It’s built on a hilltop, and there is a further hill above the ashram. So, that positioning of the ashram is very good for meditation. After we went there and we sat for meditation for about a year, the management of that ashram changed, and those people left. After that, the chairman asked me to take over that management, and I continued to manage the ashram also for four years. .

Thereafter, for about one year, I was sitting in meditation at a village called Mudgal. And, after that, in 1985, is when I met Sant Ji. .

When Sant Ji had come in 1978, I was there for a brief period of about four months, staying at Mr. R.R. Singh’s residence. That was the time I related to you earlier, about the Simran I used to do there. So, I met Sant Ji during that time also.

Then, after that, I came back to the ashram, and for about ten, eleven years, I didn't get an opportunity to go and meet Him. I did not get to meet Sant Ji after that, because when I was running the ashram and I was back here, they did not like us going out and meeting Sant Ji. So, it was a period where I did not go and see Him. I could go and meet Him only in 1985. .

So, in those eleven years, when I could go to the Feet of Sant Ji, He helped in all kinds of respects, in all manners, and He brought so many souls back, who had otherwise wandered off, a little away from the Path. He brought all of us back and steered us on this Path. He was very Dayal, and very gracious, and very kind, and all the sangat of Somanath Baba Ji also loved Him a lot. .

In 1996, I got about a hundred and twenty people for the Bombay program. And about ninety people were there for taking initiation. So, Sant Ji said, “There are a lot of people. So, personal interviews are not possible.” He said, “One day, before the initiation, you ask all these people to stand in a queue, and I will look at them one by one. And, after we are done with all of these people, then I will start the normal Darshan.” So, when that queue started, Sant Ji gave His Grace on each individual as they passed. And then, He stopped one person. He took out one person. .

This person whom Sant Ji had taken out was a harijan, was of a lower caste, and he was a worker. He was a laborer, and that day had come for the program. He had been drinking. He was drunk. So, Sant told him that, “You wait for another six months. You listen to Satsang, and only after that, you come.” Since everybody else was cleared for initiation, and only this person was left out, he felt very bad. And he was crying, and he said, “I am not going to go back to the village. I will go on the railway track and kill myself.” .

So, I then felt that this kind of an event will give a very bad name, and it will tarnish everything. And I can't go back and say that this person had an accident or something. I went back to Sant Ji. And I went back and I again requested of Him, “Please, give him initiation.” .

Sant Ji listened to me, and then He told me, “Okay, call him.” So, Sant Ji then rebuked him, and He said, “You have been drinking and eating non-vegetarian food.” So, he then touched his ears and said he will not do that again. Then Sant Ji said to me, “Okay, ask him also to come for initiation.” So, this man was so transformed with that initiation and he came back. .

Now, these people from Andhra, they don't even know how to speak Hindi, and Sant Ji used to do His Satsangs in Punjabi. There was no question of him understanding those Satsangs. But there was a massive transformation in this person when he came back. .

There was a Satsang in that village. It's a big village from where he comes. And there is a Satsang every day, so he used to make sure that he would come early, and he would clean that whole Satsang area. And he would sit for Satsang regularly. Also, I used to have my weekly Satsang there, and he would then come two or three days before my Satsang, and then he would break the wood. He would cut wood for cooking, etc., and do all the preparations for the Satsang. So, his whole family would eat non-vegetarian food and they would drink. They were not initiates or on the Path of Satsang. So, what he had done was, he had taken and made a separate room for himself. He was staying in a separate house and he continued to do his laboring. He would cook his own food. And, in that small room, he had only two photographs, one of Sant Ji, and one of mine. He was an old man. He was nearing about seventy-five years and, after his initiation, he lived for about four years after that. And two days before he passed away, of those two photographs, he told a satsangi, “You take these two photographs, and take them and keep them in the ashram.” He said, “These photos are to be kept in the ashram, in the Satsang Hall, and don't leave them here. Because, after me then, I don't want my family people to ill-treat or touch these photographs.” .

Before he passed away, he had his food and he had his bath and all of that. He sat for meditation, and then he lied down for a while and passed away. .

So, seeing this, a lot of other villagers were also amazed, and they all felt that this person had been so radically transformed as a result of the initiation. So, a lot of the other villagers also came for initiation thereafter. .

People who attend Satsangs regularly, whether they are able to progress in their meditations or not, but they, nevertheless, attend the Satsangs regularly, they definitely get information about when they are going to pass away, much in advance. So, those who are in connection, or are in touch with the Masters, the Masters always inform those people in advance about their date of passing away. And this is a very great mercy that the Masters do on these souls. .

Therefore, every day we should take out our time for Satsang and Bhajan. And this is our true work, and this is what we have come for. Everything else that we are doing is for others. So, we must take out this time for ourselves. .

So, this time is good. We should make the most of it. Close your eyes and sit for meditation. .