Meditation Talk 13 Jan 2016– Morning

Only Souls That Go Inside Know How Much Grace The Master Has Showered On Them

I BOW AT THE FEET of Som-Ajaib, Who have graced this soul, this impure soul, and made it fit for doing seva. Without the Grace of the Masters, it is not possible for the soul to go on the Path of the Masters by itself. At the Feet of Somanath Baba Ji, the seva that He took from me for three years, the difficult seva that He took, it was His Grace only, and only He had got it done from me. So, after that also, it is the Grace of these Masters only.

After that, when I met Sant Ji, He graced me in all respects. And I had the benefit of being there for eleven years. He saved my ‘boat’ from sinking, He saved me from falling, and He helped me in all respects. Whatever little I am explaining to you is the Grace of those two great Masters. Otherwise, this poor impure soul, at the plane of the mind, does not have the power, without the Grace of those Masters, to sit and explain. I am not a Mahatma. I am a sevadar. And They are taking this Seva from me. The day They decide to stop this Seva, that day, I will stop this Seva. It is Their Grace with which all of this is happening.

Both the Masters have spent so many years of Their lives doing very difficult penance and spent Their lives in devotion. Baba Somanath Ji spent almost twenty-five years, and He did pranayamas earlier. Sant Ajaib Singh Ji also spent His whole life in devotion. And He also spent almost fifteen years in pranayama, and He did the devotion of the two Naams that were given by His Master. And later, He spent all His years in devotion, and that is what has enabled all of this. Both their lives were very difficult. They spent Their entire lives in austerity, penance, and in devotion. And it is because of Their devotion that we have got the benefit of this Naam that we are getting and all that we see now.

When Baba Sawan Singh Ji’s name would come in Satsang, Baba Somanath Ji could not utter the word, because He was so much in love and devotion that, when that name would come, He would call Him ‘Maharaj’, and He would have tears in His eyes. So, from His behavior, we could see how much He loved His Master.

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji also spent His whole life, and for every second He would remember Kirpal Singh Ji. And, every second, He would be spending in the devotion of His Master.

Souls, which have gone inside, only they know how much Grace their Master has showered on them. If we do not go in, we do not get the faith in the Master, and we do not know the Grace that the Master has given us, and we, therefore, remain away from Reality. The Masters have given us the Path to go within, and They keep insisting, and They’re very perseverant, about us doing our Simran and Dhyan and going within because They want us to come inside and see and get the benefit of Their Grace.

When our Third Eye opens, when we see within, we then realize that it is all the time that the Master has been doing it. And He has been doing everything. And we have just been puppets in that. And then, we see the Reality, and we live in the surrender of the Master, and our ego gets reduced or destroyed.

But, till we go inside, we are outwardly focused. We continue with our devotion and love for our attachments outside. And we do not realize the Grace of the Master. We do not understand the Reality within.

So, it is important that the seed of Naam, which has been given to us by the very hard work, devotion, and penance of our Masters, it is important for us to grow that seed by doing effort along those lines, by doing our Simran and Dhyan, and then going within. We should realize and understand that this precious life, which has been given by God Almighty, has been given for this purpose, and that we should be working towards this purpose for which we have come here.

The work, which we could not do in all our previous lives and in the lower life forms, is something that we can do now. And this is what we should do now, because God Almighty, with all His Creation, is sitting within. Devotion, which has not been possible so far in our previous lives and other life forms, is something that is achievable today in this life, and we should spend time doing that.

Along with the work and other duties that we have, we should also be worried about working for our soul. And, therefore, every day we should be spending time for the soul and doing our Simran and Dhyan. So, this would only be possible when we do Simran and Dhyan every day. And this course of Simran and Dhyan will be over once we see the Radiant Form of the Master within. Until such time, we should focus on Simran and Dhyan.

So, by doing Simran and Dhyan, we will be reducing the burden of karmas, and we will be purifying our soul to go, and our mind to go, within. And our spiritual journey will start within. So, we should focus our energies on Simran and Dhyan.

The sounds that we hear now when we sit in Bhajan, are the sounds of the lower chakras. There are various sounds here, but once we go at the back of the Eye Center, the Sound Current coming from above, from God Almighty, that Sound Current will always be constant and will keep increasing.

So, therefore, it is important that we spend most of our time in Simran and lesser time in Bhajan, where we listen to the Sound Current. In about two and half hours time, we should spend, perhaps, fifteen minutes, or twenty minutes, in Bhajan, and the rest should be focused on Simran because by just doing Bhajan, we are not going to be able to go within. It is Simran that will be taking us within. So, it is only by Simran that the soul will start withdrawing its attention in the body and start focusing at the back of the Eye Center. Then, with the Grace of the Master, when we go within at the back of the Eye Center, we will see the Jyoti there. And, with the Grace of the Master, He will give us the darshan of Jyoti, and have us listen to the Sound Current, and get us connected with the Sound Current within. That Sound Current is permanent.

The sounds that we are listening to in Bhajan now are the sounds for the lower chakras. They are not continuous and constant. So, when we go back and do our duties, we should remember to, constantly, spend as much time as possible doing Simran, even while we are doing our work. When the mind is not occupied, we should try to do as much Simran as possible. And it should be so strong, that Simran should be happening, continuously, automatically, on its own.

And we should not feel dejected or disappointed that we have been sitting in meditation for so many days, and we have spent so much time in meditation, but we have not got any experience within. The experience that comes from going at the back of the Eye Center, and then seeing the Reality there, is the experience that is constant and continuous.

All other experiences, with the Grace of the Master, will come and go. They will not be continuous and constant. So, if you want experiences then, day and night, you have to do Simran and spend time doing that. Then, you will definitely get your experiences.

So, you should not be worried. You should live in the surrender of the Master. Since the time that the Masters have initiated you, They have always been at the back of your Eye Center. They are always with you, and They’re always worried about you. So, don't worry, and you should do your Simran.

So, it is early morning time. We have woken up and our mind is fresh and quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. We should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Bhajan.