Meditation Talk - 13 Jan 2015- Afternoon

The Swan And The Frog – Sant Mat And The Vedas

SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ USED TO GIVE a small story about the difference between Sant Mat and the Vedas.

Once upon a time a swan, which crossed and flew across the oceans and seas, flew to India, and it sat on a tree perched above a well. Inside the well, there was a frog, which saw this bird sitting on the top of a tree, and saw the shadow of the bird and asked the bird, "Who are you and where have you come from?"

The bird said that “I am a swan and I have flown the seven continents and seven seas and I have come here. I shall rest for a while, and then I will fly away from here." So, the frog asked the bird, "How big is this sea that you are talking about, that you have just crossed, these seven seas?"

The swan said, “They are very big.”

So, the frog in the well said, "Okay.” He took a circle of about one-fourth of the well and he asked the bird, "Is your sea this big?" The swan said, "No, it’s a very big mass of water and it’s huge." So, the frog again took a circle of half the well, and he asked, "Is it this big?" Again, the swan said, "No, it's very big. It’s very huge."

Now, the frog leapt across the well. And he took a full circle of the well, and he asked, "Is it this big?" So, again, the swan said, "No, no, it's much bigger."

Now, the frog got very angry at the swan. It was sure that the swan had lied. The frog said, "You are lying to me because in the whole world there is no water more than what I have just shown you."

Both were actually right in their places because the frog had never gone outside the well and, for him, the well was the whole world. And, therefore, what it was saying was right from the limited knowledge that it had. And the swan, likewise, had crossed the seven seas, and it had experienced what it had actually gone through. And it was right in its place.

So, this is the similarity between Sant Mat and the Vedas because people who follow the Vedas, for them, there is no Creation beyond Brahm, there is no God outside of Brahm. And for the Saints, there is an expanse of planes beyond Brahm, which They have Themselves gone to and experienced.

So, those who study the Scriptures, and talk on that basis and argue on that basis, are limited to their knowledge up to Brahm.

But the Saints have actually seen the planes beyond with Their own eyes. They have been to Sach Khand and beyond. And They relate to what They've actually seen with the Grace of Their Masters. They have been able to go to all those places and come back.

The human body is a very precious jewel. God Almighty has created this microcosm and has kept all the sixteen planes within it, which are up to and beyond Brahm, and God Almighty is Himself also residing within it.

So, we should make the most of what our Master has given us and do the maximum amount of Simran, Bhajan, and Dhyan. The atmosphere is very good and quiet and conducive for good meditation, we should close our eyes and now do our Simran, Dhyan, and Bhajan.