Meditation Talk - 13 Jan 2015- Morning

The Saints Are Instructed By The Almighty To Fetch The Troubled Souls

SAINTS HAVE ALWAYS been sent for all times to the world by the Almighty because the Almighty has promised the souls who have left Him and gone into the world of Kal, that if they are in trouble, or if they remember Him, He shall come to fetch them.

The souls, which are in Sach Khand, or the planes above, are immortal and they do not come to the planes below and, therefore, Almighty instructs the souls, which are in the planes below, to go and help the other souls. And these souls manifest or incarnate and come into this world to help other souls.

These are souls, which have ascended beyond Par Brahm and up to Bhanwar Gupha, who are instructed by the Almighty to go to the planes below and come into this world and help others. These souls, who are instructed by the Almighty, have already ascended to higher planes. They already have the inclination and the tendency and the devotion already imbibed in them. And when they come into this world they are already ready, and then they get a Living Master in this world. They immediately rise above and follow the Teachings very quickly.

So, the souls who are initiated here, after they follow the Teachings of the Master, they rise above, and then they go into the Sach Khand-Sat Lok and they stay there. Those souls cannot be sent into this world.

And, likewise, the Almighty always instructs only the Attained Souls Who have a causal body, Who are in the lower planes of Par Brahm and Bhanwar Gupha, to come down into the physical world and help the other souls. Such attained souls, the Saints, have gone to Sach Khand and They have the Darshan of God Almighty through Their meditation but still possess a causal body and, therefore, can come into this physical body easily.

Yogjit, Who was seated above Par Brahm, was instructed by the Almighty to come and help Sukrit. Sukrit was the soul who was instructed by the Almighty to go into the world and help the others.

But Sukrit, when he came into the world, unfortunately, got deluded by Kal and got dispersed in the worldly thoughts, and then the Almighty had to send Yogjit to bring him back on the Path. And Yogjit came and helped Sukrit to again rise above and go back.

He took four lives to help the soul to go to higher planes. So, Yogjit took birth in four bodies, and in all the four bodies, He was helping Sukrit to rise above and go to the Almighty.

In the fourth life, Sukrit* was finally incarnated as Dhani Dharam Das and Yogjit was incarnated as Kabir Sahib. In this life, Kabir Sahib initiated Dhani Dharam Das and helped him to realize his True Self.

So, though these souls have all the necessary qualities, when they come to the world, sometimes it happens that some of them get deluded by Kal and dissipated in the worldly thoughts, and they forget the purpose for which they have come.

So, after the Saints leave the body, for all Their initiates, They continue to stay in the Brahm, which is the Causal Plane, and They continue to help the other souls from there. Saints stay in the Brahm until each and every soul initiated by Them is taken back to the Almighty.

After all Their initiates have been taken to Sat Lok, They go and settle within the Sach Khand and Sat Lok. Sach Khand-Sat Lok is an eternal world. Once the soul goes there, it gets eternal life and continues to stay there forever. And, from there, with the Grace of Almighty, it goes further up into three planes, which are Alakh, Agam, and Anaami.

This is the way of Creation. So, those who have got Satguru and have been initiated, their cycle of life and death is over. They will finally and eventually reside in the Sat Lok.

So, we should value the importance of our soul and value the importance of the initiation given by the Master and Their Teachings. And, without fail, continue to practice the Teachings every day, do Dhyan, Bhajan, and Simran.

So, the atmosphere is good in the morning. When we are fresh in the morning, the mind is fresh and there are not many thoughts. So, we should make the most of this time and concentrate on the Third Eye and do our Dhyan, Bhajan, and Simran.

* This narrative is derived from the Anurag Sagar as it relates to the four successive incarnations of the parents of a Saint from the Dwapar Yuga named Supach Sudarshan, specifically His father. The father’s name originally was Har. In subsequent incarnations, he was named Kulpati, Chandan Sahu, Niru, and Sukrit. It is in the incarnation of Sukrit that the father is finally liberated and enters Sat Lok. Subsequently, He is assigned by Sat Purush to reenter the world for the purpose of liberating souls. Sukrit incarnates in the world as Dhani Dharam Das and is deluded by Kal in the ocean of the world. Sat Purush then instructs Gyani (Yogjit) to return to the world as Kabir to liberate him. This is of particular significance as Sukrit has been identified by Sat Purush as the ‘home of forty-two essences’ (subsequent Saints) to follow in His lineage.