Meditation Talk 13 August 2017– Afternoon

Masters Equate This Life To A Bubble On Water That Stays Very Momentarily, And Then It Goes Off With The Slightest Wind Or Other Change

IN THE LIFE SKETCH of Kabir Sahib this incident comes where there was the king, Bir Singh, who had built a beautiful palace, and he was a good soul and he had invited Kabir Sahib to his palace. Bir Singh was the king of Varanasi and, in those days, Kabir Sahib's preachings were well-known across Varanasi. So, he invited Kabir Sahib also to come and visit his palace and see and let Him know if there was some shortcoming in that palace.

So, Bir Singh was not a disciple of Kabir Sahib. He had heard a couple of Satsangs. So, when Kabir Sahib came, he inquired what the shortcomings, if any, of that place would be.

So, Kabir Sahib told him, since he was asking, He said, “This place is going to become ruins one day and there are two defects that I see. One is that this place will become ruins one day and the other is that the person who has developed this place, he is also not going to outlive this place. He will also leave this place.”

So, with what Kabir Sahib said, Bir Singh felt bad that He is a Mahatma and He has said such bad things about this. And Kabir Sahib, while leaving, told him, "Look, if there's something bad that you have felt about what I have said, then you have to seriously think on what I have said.”

So, what Kabir Sahib had said affected him and then he could not sleep that night and he kept thinking about what Kabir Sahib had said. And, eventually, he did come to the conclusion that, "Yes, what He has said is right because even my father and my grandfather are no more. They have also left their palaces and I will also have to leave it.” So, there was this impact of Kabir Sahib’s talk on him.

That way, Saints have Their own unique ways of awakening the souls. They do not tell lies and They tell the truth. So, They have different ways of awakening and speaking what they have to tell.

So, that way then, the king went to Kabir Sahib and he used to listen to the Satsangs of Kabir Sahib thereafter, and he and his family—all of them—got initiated.

So, truth is bitter. But it has to be said to awaken the soul. Often Masters, in Their Satsang, talk about the truth and They say this to awaken the soul. And They awaken the soul and tell the soul that this life is not permanent. This world is not permanent. And that is the way of Their telling the souls to wake up. Because it is only in this life that one can work towards salvation. The rest of the things that can be done, like working for one’s livelihood, or taking care of dear ones, that is all taken care of in other life forms as well.

So, it is only this body that is capable of transforming from an ordinary human being to God Almighty. So, it is only this opportunity that is given to us.

Masters say that you don't have to adorn saffron clothes or such other attire, and you do not have to leave your home and go outside and in the jungle or forest or do your practice there. You can very well carry on with your livelihood and take care of your dear ones at home. And you only have to take out two and a half hours of your time to do meditation and remember God Almighty.

In the day of twenty-four hours, They say that you should take out ten percent of your time and give it towards the salvation of your soul. Give it to yourself. And the rest of the ninety percent, that is twenty-one and a half hours, you can give toward all the other things.

So, this is a very precious opportunity given to us. And the life is very short, it is very small, and it is quite precarious. So, we should make the most of it. Masters say and equate this life to a bubble on water because that stays very momentarily and then it goes off with the slightest wind or other change.

So, like that, our life is also prone to coming to an end and changing. So, we should, while we're doing our daily work, spend time to do our meditation every day.

So, the time is good. We should spend this time and sit for our meditation and close our eyes now.