Meditation Talk - 13 August 2017- Morning

When We Surrender To His Will, His Hand Of Mercy And Grace Is On Our Head And We Get That Grace


IN PUSHKAR, which is a pilgrimage center, Brahmanand Ji was a great Saint Who came from there.

He was a stationmaster there and, in those days, only two people attended to the station. One was the stationmaster and he had one peon with him. He used to meditate a lot. He had been initiated and he used to spend most of the time in meditation. And he seldom spent time talking and chatting with others.

One day, it so happened that the train was delayed by about two hours. So, he felt that it's better he sit for meditation for an hour instead of sitting outside and chatting with the travelers. So, he thought he'd get up after one hour and then he’d attend to his duties. So, he locked his room and sat for meditation and he had a lot of love and devotion to his Master and a very strong longing for his Master.

Now, in that situation, when he sat for meditation, he had a very good meditation and he got into a Samadhi. So, it took a long time for him while he was sitting in meditation.

When he got up from the meditation, he realized that more than two and a half hours had passed by and he then got worried that, by now, the train must've come and left. People would've boarded the train without tickets and, as a result, he would lose his job.

So, he came out of the room and he asked the peon as to what had happened. Had the train arrived and left? And, when did it come?

So, the peon told him, “It's been passed half an hour that the train came and left.” Then, he asked the peon, "Who then rang the bell? Who gave the tickets? And who flagged the train off?”

The peon was very amazed by this question, because he said, "Only you did all of this.” So, even he got shocked when the peon said that he himself had done this.

So, he quickly went back to the room because he was sure that he had sat for meditation for that period. Just to double-check, he went back and checked the muster. Now, in that, all the tickets had been registered properly. When he double-checked, he saw that the money collected was also there in the drawer. Then he felt, "Yes, it is my Master Who has done this.” Because he was sitting in meditation so it must be the Master Who had come and done all of his duties. So, he then prayed to his Master and he said, "Okay, now you carry on and do my duties and I will do your duty.

So, thereafter, he sat for more meditation. He did a lot of meditation and, later, he left the job also.

He was a very acclaimed Saint and he has written more than five hundred poems with a lot of love and longing for his Master. So, they're very sweet poems, imbibed with the love of his Master.

So, that way, when we get a true longing for our Master and we are lost in the devotion of our Master and surrender at His Will, then His hand of Mercy, His hand of Grace, is also on our head and we get that Grace. So, to keep our love and affection and longing for our Master, it is important that we listen to Satsang every day and we sit for our Bhajan Simran every day, without a break, so that love and affection keep going.

So, it is morning time and we have woken up and our mind is fresh. This time is also called the ‘Time of Nectar’. So, we should make the most of this time and close our eyes and sit for meditation.