Meditation Talk 13 August 2016 – Afternoon

The Enmity For All Ages Between The Worldly People And The Devotees

KABIR SAHIB IN HIS BANI has said, “There is, in all yugas always, this difference and enmity between worldly people and the devotees. Because worldly people feel that people who are devotees have nothing better to do.” So, devotees close their eyes and they sit, and worldly people think lowly of people who are in devotion. They also spread all kinds of rumors about the Masters, saying that they do not believe in various religions and they are trying to do some cult of their own and so on and so forth.

Even for Kabir Sahib, there were a lot of problems created by the kazi, who was the religious priest of Sikander Lodi, the king of that place. So, at his behest, the king ordered that Kabir Sahib should be executed. And they tied Him with chains and they put Him in the Ganges so that He would drown. But that did not work, because Kabir Sahib again appeared to be sitting next to Sikander Lodi whenever they did this. The other thing they did also, they tried to put Him in a boiling cauldron of water. And they put the lid on so that He would boil inside and die. But, again, He appeared to be sitting next to Sikander Lodi. They even intoxicated an elephant and they put Kabir Sahib in the same compound with that elephant, so that He would be crushed by that elephant. But, then, the elephant visualized Him as a lion and it did not do anything. So, all these attempts of Sikander Lodi failed.

It so happened that Sikander Lodi, the kazi and Kabir Sahib, they were on the banks of the river Ganges.

Now, in Varanasi, what happens is, there are poor people and they have some child or someone dies, like that, they take them to the ghat there, to the bank, and then they do the final rites there. It is considered auspicious. So, they do that. But, where people do not have money to do all those rites for which all those brahmins charge them, what they do is, they wrap the body and, especially where there is a child, they wrap the body, and then they put it inside the Ganges.

So, there was a dead body of a boy like that, which was floating in the Ganges where they were walking. So, the kazi told Kabir Sahib, “Okay, you call that body here, then I will believe you.”

Kabir Sahib said, “O Kamal, tu kaha chala.” So, He said, “Where are you going, Kamal?” (Tum idhar aajao.) “So, you come here.”

He untied that dead body, untied the ropes, and that boy walked out of the Ganges. So, the kazi felt that, perhaps, he had used some mystic powers. “Maybe he has used all his mystic powers. Let us try again.”

So, there was another dead body of a small girl that was floating in the river. The kazi told Kabir Sahib, “Okay, if you can call this dead body out also, then I will, perhaps, believe you.”

So, Kabir Sahib called that dead body, “O Kamaali, come out. Where are you going?” Again, that dead body also was untied and that girl also came back and walked to the banks of the river.

After these incidents, the kazi stopped bothering Kabir Sahib and then, in Sikander Lodi’s palace and kingdom, Kabir Sahib used to do a lot of Satsangs.

So, the king of Varanasi, Bir Singh, and Sikander Lodi, both were initiates of Kabir Sahib.

So, there is this enmity for all ages between worldly people and devotees. Now, initially, they did not accept these devotees and this kind of devotion, but now, gradually, they are beginning to accept it.

So, we are indeed fortunate to be in this time where it is not such a problem and Sant Mat is accepted globally. And people, who do accept Sant Mat and come on this Path, do not find it very difficult. So, we are indeed fortunate that we have got a Living, True Master Who has initiated us, and we have the fortune of being initiated. So, we should spend, every day, our time in Satsang and doing Simran and Dhyan Bhajan.

So, the atmosphere is good. It is quiet and we should make the most of this time. We should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.