Meditation Talk - 13 August 2016 - Morning

At The Time Of Death, The Soul Comes To The Back Of The Eye Center And Judgement Is Passed As To Whom This Soul Belongs

THIS IS AN INCIDENT with Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

He was sitting once and four devotees had come to meet Him. Bibi Lajo was preparing tea for them and Bibi Ralli was sitting in a corner, near the kitchen and she was sitting in meditation. She often sat like that in meditation. So, she used to go within in her meditations. Every time she used to go on the right side.

Once, she wondered what would be there on the left side. So, she decided to go on the left side. She went on the left side, which is the path to hell, and she witnessed hell there. She saw these agents of death giving different types of punishments to various souls. So, once she was there, she was petrified with what she saw. And, because of that, she could not go forward, nor could she return. So, she was stuck there and she was in terrible fear.

Now, as she sat in the meditation, her body also was trembling and it started becoming yellow in color. Bibi Lajo was cooking there. She saw this and she noticed that she was trembling and her body was turning yellow. She got scared and she went to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj to tell Him. So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj came immediately to see her. And, when He saw her, He put His hand on her forehead and brought her soul down.

So, when she came back to normal, she still could not talk for some time. She was too scared. Later, the ladies asked her, “What happened? What did you experience?”

So then, she told the other ladies, “When I went within in my meditation, I went on the left side and I went inside hell. And there I was so petrified that I could not move from there from what I had witnessed. And that is why my body also had that effect.”

So, when our body withdraws from the nine doors and comes at the back of the Eye Center, there you clearly see two paths that are there. On the right side is the Path, which is more lit up and brighter, and on the left side, there is a path, which is of a darker light.

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj has also said in His Bani, “Leave the darker path and catch the brighter Path. And then on that Path, you go and catch the Sound Current.”

So, on the left side there Kal stands, and on the right side, the Master stands. When, at the time of death, the soul comes at the back of the Eye Center, the judgment is passed as to whom this soul belongs.

So, there it is decided. And, if it is a worldly person, then Kal takes the soul in his mouth and starts chewing the soul. Now, at that time, the soul's attention is still inside the body and he has not left the body. So, it goes through all that suffering and tremendous pain. Kal chews the soul of the worldly person for some time and then takes him out. After he chews the soul and he takes the soul out, then that soul is given to the angels of death, and then the Lord of Judgment passes his judgment and all those things happen later.

Now, if the soul is belonging to the Master, then the Master takes charge of that soul and takes it on the right side on the Path within and, inside only, the Master connects it to the Sound Current and takes it up.

Therefore, the Saints say, “Do your Simran and Bhajan so that, at the final hour, it becomes easy for the Master to take the soul.”

So, it is morning time. This time is good. The mind is quiet and we should make the most of this time. So, we should close our eyes and sit for our Simran and Dhyan.