Meditation Talk - 13 August 2015 - Morning

We Should Make A Fixed Time And Place For Bhajan And Simran

WE SHOULDN’T LOOK at BhajanSimran as a burden. We should do BhajanSimran with love and affection, because BhajanSimran helps us achieve our true objective in this human life, to get out of the clutches of Kal.

So, when we sit for meditation, usually we sit dry and the mind keeps disturbing us. When we sit for meditation, we should try and sing a bhajan of a Master. There are a lot of bhajans today and we should sing one of these bhajans so that the mind can be a little more controlled.

When I went to Bombay, I used to sing the bhajan of Brahmanand. And, with that, I got the longing for God Almighty. And, after that, I got the opportunity to go to Bangalore.

We should regularly sit for Bhajan with love and affection. With that, we are able to control the mind. The mind also gets used to the fact that we sit for Bhajan and Simran at a fixed time. So, it gets also used to all this. If we have no fixed time for Bhajan then, what the mind does is, it reminds us of a lot of other things to be done, to be completed, and keeps disturbing us. Once it is used to a certain time for Bhajan, then it also knows that is a fixed time and it should not disturb.

Also, preferably, we should sit at the same place at the same time for meditation. Because once we keep sitting at the same place, then that place also gets pure, and we are able to meditate better at that place.

So, it is morning time. Maharaj Ji always used to say that, “Morning time, the mind is quiet.” Because, as the day progresses, the mind becomes more and more active, and it is more and more fickle. So, it is a good time. We should use and maximize the benefit of this time, and sit for our Bhajan.