Meditation Talk 12 Jan 2017– Afternoon

God Almighty Has Said My Devotees Are There In All Species Across The Animal Kingdom

ONCE, MUSA PEYGAMBER, he was a great muni and devotee — like Narad Muni, was the devotee of the god Vishnu. So, Musa used to go and talk to God Almighty. And once, he went and he asked God Almighty whether there were devotees, other than human beings, in the animal kingdom.

God Almighty told him, “Musa, my devotees are there in all the species. Across the animal kingdom, there are my devotees.”

Musa asked God Almighty whether He could tell him about one such devotee, whom he could go and then meet and do his seva?

So, God Almighty told him the address and whereabouts of one of the devotees. He said, “You go near this village and, as you go eastwards from that village, there is a large Pipal tree. And, this bird is there on the pipal tree.”

So, accordingly, Musa went there. And when he stood below the tree, he saw that bird. And that bird had closed his eyes and he was sitting in contemplation of God Almighty. Musa asked him, with folded hands, whether he could do some seva for that bird.

The bird told him, “Musa, since you have come from God Almighty, I'm talking to you. Otherwise, I do not have time to break the Simran that I'm doing of God Almighty. But, since you have come, and you are asking, I will tell you a seva that you can do for me.” So, he told Musa, “There is this pond, which is about a furlong away. And for me to go and drink water and come back on this tree, it takes some time, and I have to have a break in the Simran. So, if you could get the water to me on this tree, then that will help me.” He told Musa, “If you get me this water on this tree, then, as my eyes are closed for meditation, I can just bend down and drink water without opening my eyes. And then, I will have no break in my Simran.”

So, Musa, with folded hands, told him that he could not do this seva, because he cannot get that water. And, further, he told him, “That pond is not too far off. It is just a furlong. How long will it take you to go there and drink water and come back?”

That bird told him, “It is okay. If you cannot do it, then leave it. I don’t have any seva that you can do for me.”

With this, Musa realized that, besides humans, even in animals that are very devout, they are devotees, and his ego of being a great devotee was squashed.

So, if we have such Simran, which is continuous, and with love and affection we are doing it, then God Almighty is not far away from us. He will open His door to us if we are doing a Simran like this. So, we should also do our Simran with love and affection. We should not look at Simran or meditation as a burden. And, we should do it lovingly.

Tulsi Das Ji has said, “Even a very gross human being, if he does meditation and devotion, even he becomes very refined and his mind also becomes sublime.”

So, the atmosphere is quiet and the mind is quiet. We should make the most of this and sit for our Simran.