Meditation Talk 12 Jan 2016– Afternoon

The Masters Always Go Whatever Distance To Find And Connect The Souls To The Path

SANT JI USED TO TALK about when he was in the military; he first met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj in Peshawar. And, when he heard the Satsang of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, he was very influenced. And, thereafter, he used to frequent Beas Ashram quite often.

Sant Ji had earlier taken initiation from Bishan Das Ji, and he had initiated him with two Naams. He had also told him that, if you get a Saint who takes you further up, then you should do that. So, when Sant Ji met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, he went back and told Bishan Das Ji that he had met a True Saint and a complete Saint. So, Bishan Das Ji also agreed and decided to go and meet Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

Bishan Das Ji was eighty-five years old then, and then Sant Ji accompanied Bishan Das Ji, and both went to Beas. And they met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and had a discussion. A lot of Bishan Das Ji’s doubts and questions were addressed by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. And then, Bishan Das Ji requested for Naam.

Bishan Das Ji was also an accomplished Sadhu. He came from a royal family and he was a Ph.D. in those days. He had done his Ph.D. from London. And, when he came back, he took to spirituality, and he was initiated on the Path by the successor of the son of Guru Nanak Ji, in Udasi Mat. So, he had been initiated by Amolak Das. He was initiated, and he had been given two Names in the initiation by Amolak Das, and he had a lot of mystic powers, and he used to go within. And, in his lifetime, he had made only Sant Ji his disciple.

So, when Baba Bishan Das Ji met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, he also requested, he was very influenced by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. And he requested for being initiated by Him.

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “You have progressed quite a lot within, so I will take you from inside itself. So, there is no need to give you initiation now.”

And when Sant Ji asked Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj for initiation, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “The Master, Who will give you initiation, will come Himself to you.”

So, thereafter, Sant Ji continued to do his practice of two Naams, and he also got in touch with Mastana Ji. Mastana Ji was a devotee, a disciple of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. And He also had progressed a lot within. And Sant Ji also went to Him and requested for being initiated by Him. He felt that perhaps He may be the Master. Mastana Ji also told Sant Ji, “I will not be giving you initiation. The Master, Who will give you initiation, will come Himself to you.”

And that's how it happened. Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj traveled more than six hundred kilometers from Delhi into this desert, where Sant Ji was. And, in those days, even the roads were not there. And a lot of travel had to be done in that desert area. So, He took a lot of trouble to come there, and then He came and initiated Sant Ji there. It was the soul that He had to enlighten. And, therefore, He took that trouble of going all that distance to get that soul on the Path.

So, therefore, souls, which have good impressions from the past lives, Masters always search for these souls and go the distance to get those souls on the Path.

So, we should also remain in touch and associated and, continuously, do our Simran and Dhyan. And that is our real and true work.

So, this time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. We should close our eyes and get connected to meditation, and do Simran and Dhyan.