Meditation Talk 12 Jan 2016– Morning

Even The Poorest Devotee Is Graced By The Master

THERE WAS A DEVOTEE of Somanath Baba Ji, and he stayed by the railway station in Mumbai. And he had a very small dwelling unit, like a hut, next to the station. And there, he used to make bidis. He used to stay alone, and he used to make bidis throughout the day, and that was his means of livelihood. So, he would prepare that till about 11:00 PM in the night. And, after that, he would sit with his back to the wall. And he would sit on small gunny bag, which he had. And, that way, he would sit for meditation.

And when he made these bidis, throughout the day, he used to do Simran with each bidi. And, throughout the night, he would sit and do his meditation. And, for about thirty years, he had not slept. He would only sit, and this was his routine for about thirty years. And, with his practice, he had come to the back of the Eye Center and he had seen the Radiant Form of the Master within. And he would talk a lot about the Master, and he would talk a lot about all the knowledge within.

When he got old, Somanath Baba Ji asked him to come and stay at Davangiri Ashram, which was a new ashram made by Somanath Baba Ji. And there were a lot of traders there, merchants. So, he would then make all of those people, who had come at that ashram, all these merchants and traders, he would make them sit for meditation there.

Baba Ji had told all of those people that he is a Sadhu and that they should all do his seva. So, that way, a lot of people got habituated to doing meditation with him. And, oftentimes, they would bring things to eat. So, they would carry that, and after the meditation, they would make prashad and eat it.

So once, someone had got a white gourd, which was poisonous. So, there was food poisoning when they all ate it. And a lot of these people had to be admitted to the hospital for dysentery and loose movements from food poisoning. This devotee was also quite old. He was about eighty years, and he had also eaten that, and he was also unwell. And he was hospitalized for about fifteen days there. So, he passed away after that in that hospital, and they built a shrine for him in that ashram.

And, the purpose of telling this is that the Master always graces such a person. And he would go within, and he used to go up and was a Sadhu. He came from a very poor family, and he did not have many means for a livelihood. And he would only earn from that bidi business. And, in that difficult situation, in all those difficulties, he did his Simran, and he was graced by the Master.

So, this morning time is good. We should make use of this morning time when the mind is quiet. And we should close our eyes and sit for meditation.