Meditation Talk - 12 Jan 2015- Afternoon

How Bangali Babu Got Control Of His Mind

I EXPLAINED IN THE MORNING about stationmaster Bangali Babu, how he had mastered Simran and manifested the Naam within.

So once, during a bhandara, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj called Bangali Babu and handed him the mic, and asked him to speak and tell how he had got control of his mind. So, Bangali Babu explained that every day, he would come back from work at 5.00 PM. After having his bath, his servant would serve him dinner at 6:00 PM. He would keep the served dinner plate in front of him and sit for meditation. He would tell his mind that “Look, if you do not get fully submerged and get connected in Simran, you will not get this dinner.”

So, this way, every day, he would follow the same practice. And many times the mind would not settle down in Simran and he would not be able to get intoxicated in Simran and Dhyan. And, often, it would be all night and he would then hand over the food or give it to animals outside. And sometimes, this Simran would continue and he would only get some concentration around 3:00 AM. So, it was only that time, when he would eat.

So, this way, for almost a year, this practice continued. And, gradually, the mind started getting attuned to the Simran, and Dhyan Bhajan. And around a year later, he could get the concentration and he could get inward and see the Radiant Form, and his soul was able to concentrate on the Third Eye.

So, this way, he explained to the sangat and, following that, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “Mind is not going to listen in the normal course. You will have to force it to listen. And, only then, the mind will be able to focus.” You have to keep on doing Simran and, gradually, with the continuous practice of Simran, Dhyan Bhajan only, the mind can focus and come up to the Third Eye, see the Radiant Form of the Guru and hear the Sound Current.

So, Simran is very essential. And if one continuously does Simran, however unfocused the mind is, it gradually gets to the Third Eye. As one keeps on doing Simran repeatedly and regularly, the mind keeps becoming more and more pure. And, as the mind becomes purer, it is able to come up to the Third Eye and see the Radiant Form of the Master within. So, the Masters have always insisted upon the continuity of practice of Dhyan, Bhajan, and Simran. We often do Simran or Dhyan Bhajan for a few days and then leave it. This way we do not maintain continuity and do not do the practice as it should be done. Masters insist that the practice has to be continuous, every day, without a break.

So, the time is good. It is afternoon and the atmosphere is quiet, so let us make the most of it and focus and do Dhyan Bhajan.