Meditation Talk - 12 Jan 2015- Morning

The Stationmaster’s Simran Walk To Jalandhar City

DURING THE TIME of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, there was a disciple called Bangali Babu. He was a very devoted disciple. He was the stationmaster of the railways at Beas and he had done his practice and had manifested the Radiant Form of the Master within. Every evening, he would go for a walk of three to four kilometers. While walking he would do Simran.

One day, on his walk, he was so engrossed in Simran that he kept walking from 5:00 PM till past midnight and reached Jalandhar City, which is over twenty kilometers away. So, when he realized that there were lights of a city around him, he inquired as to which place that was. He was told that it was Jalandhar City. He was told there was no bus to Beas at that time and he would have to take a train to return. He decided not to take the train and, instead, walked back doing Simran. He reached Beas next morning at 7:30 AM.

So, there is so much power in Simran. If Naam has manifested within then, while doing Simran, one forgets about the body and the sensory organs. Simran is a very strong thing. Therefore, while doing Simran, we should not think of it as a burden. We should do Simran with love and affection.

The time is very good in the morning. We have woken up and the mind is quiet and a quiet mind is good for meditation. We should now get connected with Simran and Bhajan.