Meditation Talk 12 August 2017– Afternoon

Many People Ask, “Why Were We Sent Into This World To Suffer?”

ALL THE SAINTS HAVE SPOKEN and written about the greatness of God Almighty. This Bani is of Guru Nanak Sahib. He has addressed God Almighty as Thakur. And He says that He is taking care of all of us.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji has kept more than thirteen hundred names of God Almighty. And whatever name you call God Almighty, He talks in that way. God Almighty likes love and devotion, and anyone who addresses Him with love and devotion, He likes that and He speaks to him in whatever name that He may be addressed as.

He is Alakh and He cannot be seen. And He is Agam and He cannot be fathomed or measured. And He is Anaami, that is, He has no name, He is nameless.

It is only with the Grace and Mercy of the Saints that we can go and meet Him. And He is a Limitless Power, because of which all of this existence is there. So, we cannot speak about His greatness.

And, Masters, therefore, say, "Seeing Him and then trying to speak about Him is like giving a person jaggery who cannot speak, and then asking him to explain how that jaggery tastes." He can only be understood when one meets Him. There is nothing similar for someone to explain what that is like. Nothing in these three worlds is anywhere close to comparable. The Shabd is there only up to Sach Khand, beyond that it is only Light which is there, and it is all a secret.

So, Saints, Who have gone there and seen, have said that it cannot be talked of or, He cannot be explained. And one only has to go there and understand this for himself.

The Shabd, with the Grace of the Master, takes us up to Sach Khand. Thereafter, Sat Purush takes us and sends us further, into Anaami. And there, all the souls are there who are beyond all of these worlds.

Because that entire Creation, that entire place, is so different, many people ask, “Why were we sent from there? Why were we sent into this world to suffer? And why did He create Kal and Maya, who have entangled all the souls and are causing suffering to all the souls in these 84 lakh life forms?”

We come to know the reason and why this has all been done, when we go within with the Grace of the Master. When we go to the Eye Center and we get connected with the Shabd, all of this will become clear.

On a very broad level, all the souls were within God Almighty and they were very happy within God Almighty. But being there in that state, they lost the importance of God Almighty.

So, all these souls had lost the importance of God Almighty and God Almighty felt that it is important for them to know that. It is like rich people, if they are all rich and lost in splendor, none of them can understand the value of that because they have never experienced poverty, or experienced something different. So, therefore, God Almighty, in His own Wisdom, thought it fit to create these worlds.

So, He took out a power from Himself and that Shabd, which was created from Him, came down from Anaami. It created all these four planes: Anaami, Alakh, Agam, and SatLok-Sach Khand. And then, It sat in the fourth plane as Sat Purush.

So, the Creation was created there, but then he further felt that more Creation should be there.

So, thereafter, sixteen powers emanated from God Almighty and He instructed them to create further planes. So, they created sixteen planes. So, all these sixteen planes were created. The Creation existed like this for a long time. Then one of those powers, Kal Niranjan felt that he should have his own creation besides what was there. So, he prayed to God Almighty Who then granted him his wish and He said that “The material for creating those additional planes is there with your elder brother”, which was Kurma.

Kurma is in Maha Sunn. It’s a long story. You can read it in AnuragSagar. So, thereafter, he got that material and he created the And-Pind-Brahmand. After these three planes were created, Kal wanted to adorn these with jivas. So, he again prayed to God Almighty for seventy chaukriyugas. God was pleased with him and asked him what he wanted. So, thereafter, Niranjan asked for the jivas and God Almighty, thereafter said, “It will not be possible for you to do it alone." So, He took out one more power, which was Maya. And He asked Maya, or Jyoti, to go down. And together, Kal and Jyoti came down into these three worlds and they created these entire 8.4 million life forms.

So, Niranjan explained to Maya, and then Maya created all these life forms. And Niranjan sits in all of these life forms as the mind. And Maya sits in all of these life forms as the wish that is given by further greed, attachment, ego, anger, and lust.

So, by virtue of all of these, the soul got entangled with the mind and all of these 8.4 million life forms and is suffering here.

So, God Almighty sends His own elements from time to time and He has come in the form of Saints into this world and They awaken these souls and talk to them about their own Home and about God Almighty. And They take back these awakened souls to God Almighty.

This entire Creation is also here for a fixed period of time. And, after that, all of this will again fold back into the Shabd and all the Shabds will fold back into each other and go back to God Almighty.

So, it is that Shabd, which has created this And, Pind, and Brahmand within the mind. And when all of this folds back, it will go back into the Shabd and fold back into God Almighty. But there is a long time for that.

After these four yugas, there is a dissolution, and that is a dissolution that wherever there are landmasses today, all of those will be submerged under water, and wherever there is water today, that will become the landmass. And all the souls, as a result, will go back to Brahm in that dissolution. And, thereafter, Brahma will recreate all of those landmasses. And because the souls have all gone to Brahm, all of them become pure and they come back when SatYuga starts. Again they have a life of one hundred thousand years and they're very strong because of the purity that again has come to them.

If we observe in Maharashtra, if we go around Wai or those places, we can observe and see the plateau there that has been created. And these plateaus have been created over a period of time in the earlier yugas when the water has been there. Because that then levels off the land there and it is very easily visible in those places and we can easily observe that. So, it is because of the water, all of those have been leveled uniformly and all of that becomes a plateau.

So, after these Pralays, after these dissolutions, in that way, fourteen dissolutions — that is a VairagPralay — in the VairagPralay, all of the lower creation gets dissolved and it goes back to Par Brahm. And so, all the souls and everything will go up to Par Brahm. And after several such Vairag Pralays, there is a Maha Pralay. And in the Maha Pralay, everything will get dissolved up to SatLok. So, all this creation, including Kal and everybody, all of this will get dissolved up to Sat Lok. So, once that happens, then this creation will stop. It is not that this is going to be created again.

What we often fear, what many people fear is that once we do all the meditation and we go back to Sach Khand, then after this creation gets restarted again, we will be sent back here and again we’ll start suffering. So, this is going to happen only once, and once you go back to Sach Khand-Sat Lok there is no coming back.

Sat Lok is a place of immortality, and once you go there you become immortal and you'll get merged into God Almighty. So, there is no coming back after that, even Saints do not go back and fold into the Sat Lok. They keep Their seat at the Brahm. They don't go beyond that because there is a connection up to Brahm and they keep going and coming. As long as even a single disciple of Theirs is there on earth, They will be there in Brahm. Once all these disciples come up, They will be taking them to Sat Lok and then They will also go there and stay there.

So, They are connected with Sat Purush in SatLok and They are in the Brahm and They help the souls from there to get salvation. And then, They take all the souls back to Sat Lok.

So, therefore, this opportunity that has been given to us is a great opportunity and therefore, we should prioritize and do our Bhajan Simran lovingly and devotedly and we should always consider our Master as the priority and keep Him first in life and keep all the other relationships and everything else in the world as secondary. So, that way, we will be successful in being able to get out of this place.

So, the time is good and we should make the most of this time. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.