Meditation Talk - 12 August 2017- Morning

The One True Seva That We Can Offer And Do For Our Master Is To Do This Practice, And That Pleases Him


ALL THE SAINTS HAVE PRAISED the greatness of Naam because without Naam there is no salvation. In the earlier yugas, pranayamas, AshtangaYoga, japas, tapas, these were various paths that were adopted for salvation. But the Masters say, “In Kali Yuga, the salvation is only on the support of Naam.”

For pranayamas and Ashtanga Yoga, you have to follow very strict disciplines in terms of food habits. You have to do fasting and you have to be celibate and you need a very strong pang of separation from God Almighty to withstand all of these austerities and difficult practices. Now, this was possible when earlier lifespans were longer, but in the Kali Yuga it is not possible to be fasting for so long and to be celibate and have such longing.

In earlier times, the lifespan was much longer and the physique was also stronger, so people could withstand all of this and remain on a fast for a very long time and remain celibate and do the practices.

But now, food is of the essence because without food we will not be able to survive, so it is necessary at least to eat food once. You have to have an empty stomach for doing pranayamas. You cannot eat and do pranayamas. So, those who are practicing pranayamas, they chew the leaves of the tree of neem, and as a result of that bitter juice going in, they vomit out whatever is there in the stomach, then they do doti, neti, and basti. With these practices that they adopt, they cleanse the stomach and the intestines, and after that, they start the pranayamas.

So, it is very difficult to do all these practices now. Therefore, Masters have adopted a very simple way of meditation and devotion, which is the NaamBhakti, which is devotion of Naam. So, it is a very simple and straightforward method that is adopted by the Masters, but it is necessary for us to be at it and continuously do that practice.

Even the Saints, when They have done these practices and have got Their salvation, They have worked very hard towards this and They have undergone a lot of hardship.

So, even when we are trying to do these practices and we follow this Path, we should also undertake that hardship. To progress on the Path one has to have a firm resolve to do this. One cannot be doing it some time and leaving it some other time and constantly be in doubt on this Path. So, one has to have a firm resolve and faith to move forward. When we sit and do this practice with the firm resolve and we sit for continuous periods of two, two and a half hours, then the Master sitting within sees that and He gets happy with your practice. Because the one true seva that we can offer and do for our Master is to do this practice, and that pleases Him. So, when He sees that we are doing this practice, He definitely graces us.

To be successful on this Path one does not have to go in the ashram and do this practice. One does not have to go into the forest or into some hill or mountains or caves, he can do it very much at his home, decide and set up a place or corner in the house, and he can do his meditation there.

To be successful, one has to keep a fixed place at a fixed time. If we keep changing our time of meditation and we keep changing the place of meditation, even then it will be difficult to get success. When we sit at one place for doing meditation every time, then we are making that place pure. And, when we make that place pure, it is easier to do our practice sitting at that place, and the mind also accepts it quicker.

The other thing is the time. If we keep a fixed time, the mind also understands that it is the time of meditation. If we are sitting at different times, then the mind conjures up various things that we have to do and it keeps reminding us that we have to do this thing, that thing, and all these things keep disturbing us. But, when we fix one time for meditation, then the mind also understands that now this is the time for meditation, then it doesn't do all these things.

When we sit for meditation, we should do it lovingly and not look at it as a burden, because that is the one true work that we are doing for our self. Every other thing that we do throughout the day is according to our karmas and for others. So, we should do that lovingly.

So, the time is very good and we should make use of this, close our eyes and we should sit for meditation.