Meditation Talk 12 August 2016 – Afternoon

The Fakir And The Ants – When We Start Seeing God In Everything

SANT JI USED TO MENTION often in His Satsangs that the heart of a fakir, it is so generous.

He talks of this fakir who collected on his daily alms, his roti, and he was sitting at the outskirts of the town near a temple. And he ate his food and he had kept two rotis to be eaten later in the day. So, he had eaten in the night and he had kept two rotis to be eaten the next day. And he slept that night there and, next day, he left and he started walking onwards. And, after some time, after walking ten kilometers, he stopped at a well nearby to eat something, and he opened his package.

When he opened his package in which he had tied the rotis, he saw that there were ants in those rotis. Now, he felt, “If I open these rotis to eat here, then, what will happen is that these ants, who have come along with me, will now spread out here, and some would have left their families at the temple. So, if I open them here, then they will be away from their families.”

So, he again tied the package, walked ten kilometers back to that temple, and there he opened the package, so that the ants wouldn’t get separated from their families. He opened that package and allowed the ants to come out. And then, he brushed them away and he, again, repackaged that roti and then walked back.

So, as we do our Simran and we do our Bhajan, we gradually start understanding these sensitivities. We start understanding how God is working within everything. We start loving these animals. We start seeing God in everything and we have more sympathy for all the beings. So, it is said, “If you do not have sympathy for other beings or other creatures, then even if you are a very learned and very evolved human being, even then, you are a butcher.”

There are five things that are necessary for devotion. So, these five traits should be there in all the devotees. These five traits are necessary for devotees.

One is the company of Saints, they have to go in the company of the Saints, the company of Masters.

Then, surrender to the Masters. So, when they get initiated, they have to surrender to their Masters.

They should have compassion for all beings and compassion to one another.

They should be humble. They should have humility.

And they should do selfless service, selfless work towards others.

As we do our Simran and Dhyan, and as we do more and more of that, all of these five attributes automatically start becoming stronger within us.

And, if we are spreading in outward worldly thoughts, then our mind becomes impure. And, because it is impure, it is wavering that much more.

By doing Dhyan Simran, we get peace of mind. And, on top of that, we also get the Grace of our Masters. And, if we do not do that and we are spread in worldly thoughts, then we become more sorrowful.

So, it’s necessary for us to sit for meditation and do our Simran and Dhyan every day. This is our true work. And all other work, which we are doing during the days, is working for others. So, we should take our time for meditation on a daily basis.

So, this time is good and we should make the most of this time. Let us close our eyes and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.