Meditation Talk 12 August 2015 – Afternoon

The Masters Are Taking Care Of Their Disciples At All Times

I PRAY AT THE FEET of my Gurudevs, Som-Ajaib, Who showered Grace on me and made me fit to do the Seva of the sangat. It is not within the power of a jiva to interpret the Banis of Masters and explain the Bani. It is only the Saints, Who sit within, Who come and explain the Bani. It is only by the Grace of the Masters that we are able to execute Their Will. Otherwise, a soul doesn't have the power to think with its mind and intellect and interpret the Bani.

In the Shabads written byAjaib Singh Ji, at various places, He has written with a lot of humility and addresses Himself also as ‘Ajaib Das’, or ‘Garib Ajaib’. Because the same strength and the same Grace of the Masters are at work. Even Baba Somnath Ji, when He took the ashram, He dedicated the ashram to His Master. And He named it Sawan Durbar Ashram. So, it is only when we have devotion and unflinching faith and love for the Masters that Their Grace works on us.

When we do our Simran and meditation and we come to the Tenth Door and we see the Radiant Form of the Master within, then we come to know how the Master has been working behind this curtain and protecting the soul at all times. So, wherever the soul is, whether in U.S., Africa, Japan, or Germany or wherever else, this distance is only for us and not for the Masters. So, the Masters take care of us.

Even Paltu Sahib has given an example of a turtle, which takes care of its eggs and hatchlings only from its attention. It goes deep into the sea and does all its work, but its attention at all times is on those eggs. And, with that attention only, those eggs hatch and the young ones come out.

Likewise, the Masters always have Their attention on the souls. The turtle also goes, even ten, twenty kilometers in the sea, but it always keeps its attention on the eggs. Even if for a second that attention is not there, that egg gets spoiled.

So, likewise, the Masters always take care of Their disciples. However far they are, this distance is irrelevant for the Masters and They are taking care of Their disciples at all times.

So, we should follow the Teachings of the Masters and we should do our practice daily and regularly. We should spend two hours to two and a half hours and do our meditation and practice every day because that is our true work. And, if we do this every day, then that also helps the Masters to shower their Grace on us. Because if we don’t do this, then our karmas keep building up and, sometimes, these karmas then manifest in terms of sicknesses or other forms of sorrow, and then we have to suffer and redeem these karmas.

So, that way, if we sit for two hours a day, then we are able to do our meditation and we are also able to burn up some of our karmas. And we also help and enable the Masters to help us.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. And we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and do our meditation and Simran.