Meditation Talk - 12 August 2015 - Morning

The Grace Is Only Coming Through The Simran And Bhajan

ONCE UPON A TIME, four people who were officers, and some ministers also, who were devotees of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, came to meet Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. So, they came to sit and talk to Him and take His Darshan. Maharaj Ji made them sit, and He talked and He even offered them tea.

After that, when they were about to leave, they said, “Maharaj Ji, please grace us.” Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj started laughing. And He kept laughing for about five to ten minutes. And Bibi Lajo then, feeling a little embarrassed, asked Baba Ji that, “They are standing with folded hands and You are laughing.”

So, He said, “Look, Masters come in this world to grace. Every morning from 3:00 to 6:00, I carry this basket of Grace with me and I go from house to house, to all the satsangis. And those who are sitting for meditation, I give them some Grace. And whatever is left then, I bring back that Grace. So, you tell me, how do I grace otherwise?”

Saints come to grace only. And the only way we can assimilate that Grace, or get the benefit of that Grace, is by doing Simran and Bhajan and following the Teaching of the Master.

Now, what happens is, we always put our demands in front of the Masters. We keep demanding this, we keep demanding that, and it goes on and on. But the Grace is only coming through Bhajan and Simran.

So, if we do Bhajan and Simran, then we get the Grace and help of the Masters. Even if we are doing it in some corner of a room, Masters come to know and we get Their Grace. It is not something that we get by asking. It is something that we get by doing our meditation. So, the Grace is showered only through meditation.

All those in the past, who have done meditation, who have done their BhajanSimran, they have always been graced. And in the future also, those who will do their BhajanSimran, they will always get graced.

Masters, when They initiate Their disciples, They sit in the Form of the Sound Current at the back of the Eye Center. And They are always there. The relationship between the Master and the disciple is supreme and it is the closest.

Even our family members, whom we love so dearly, we leave them in their house, or in our house, or in our town. But the Master is, at all times, with you. And the only way we get that Grace is through doing meditation.

So, we should attend Satsang, we should listen to Satsang, we should follow the Teachings of the Masters, we should do our Bhajan and Simran. We do all this for our own benefit, but we get the Grace free from the Masters for doing this.

So, the morning time is good from 3:00 to 10:00. It is Amrit Vela or Brahma Muhurta. And this is satguni time. So it is a very good time for meditation. So, we should use this time and do our Simran and Dhyan.