Meditation Talk 11 Jan 2017– Afternoon

Where Is Your Mind?

LIKE I TOLD YOU IN THE MORNING about Simran, that Simran is the first step on the ladder of Sant Mat. In between, when I was working in Kengeri, and I used to do seva for quite some time, my attention on Simran was less. I happened to go to Mumbai around that time. And there, in Dadar, in Bhavani Shankar Road, I stayed in the house of Mr. R.R. Singh. I chose not to stay with my parents. They were also staying in Mumbai at that time. But, I chose to stay with Mr. R.R. Singh, because he was a sadhu and his meditation was very good, and his devotion was very good. He had a small room. It was one room, within which his family would stay, and even his business and occupation were there in that room.

He would get betel leaves from Madhya Pradesh, about seven large boxes would come. And then, he had to sort out those betel leaves, to take out the unclean or the bad leaves.

So, about three, four of us would sit around in a circle, and we would sort these betel leaves. And he would keep reminding us and telling us, “With each betel leaf that you inspect, you should do your Simran.”

But, the mind is a devil. So, while we would do that, it used to, quite often, wander off and go in some other direction. And then, he would quickly point out, “Where is your mind?” And he would keep pointing out and bringing us back to do Simran with each leaf. So, once he would point out, then with each leaf, Simran would start again.

Then, someone else’s mind would wander, so again, he would point out to that person. So, once he would point to one person, all the other three of us would start doing our Simran.

So, that way, for about one and a half months, we used to do this and, that way, that Simran quite significantly improved.

From his residence, the Worli Satsang hall was about nearly two kilometers away. But, we chose to walk there, so that we could do our Simran, instead of taking a bus to that place. In such a crowded place in which he was residing, we did not pay attention to the surroundings. We would do our Simran, and then, we would walk towards the hall. By doing Simran while walking, many times the withdrawal of the soul's attention would start and, as a result, our legs would start becoming numb. So, we would then have to stop doing that Simran and look around, pay attention outside, so that it would settle down. And then, again, continue walking.

So, you can see that, in about one and a half months, by doing Simran like this, continuously, so much progress could happen. I stayed there for about four months, and then, came back to Bangalore. And, what I wanted to tell you was that, in Simran, there is so much power. As soon as Simran becomes continuous, the withdrawal of the soul starts. It is only because of Simran that the withdrawal happens and the soul leaves the nine doors and comes to the Tenth Door. Once we come to the Tenth Door, our Master is waiting. And then He tells us, “Come, let's go.” And then, He gets us to have the Darshan of Jyoti. And, thereafter, He manifests, with His Grace, the Sound Current. That Anahad Shabd doesn't stop. It is twenty-four hours that Sound Current is resonating. And, whether you are awake or asleep, that Sound is there, continuously, with us.

Therefore, we should emphasize Simran. We should focus on trying to improve our Simran and, once the Simran improves then, automatically, our meditation, our focus improves. And our Dhyan improves.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. And we should make the most of it. Let us sit and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.