Meditation Talk 11 Jan 2017– Morning

Till The Simran Is Perfected, We Will Not Be Able To Go Far In Our Devotion

THE FIRST STEP ON THE LADDER of Sant Mat is Simran. The Five Names that are given to us for doing the Simran, we have to repeat those words in our mind. And it should become a repetition to the extent that it starts, automatically, happening in the mind. This needs continuous practice. And when we are going about our routine, when we are walking, sitting, or any time when the mind is idle, we should continue to do Simran all the time. Till the Simran is perfected, we will not be able to go far in that devotion. We need to perfect our Simran.

Initially, we have to struggle doing this, because the mind would like to avoid doing Simran. But, we have to struggle and remember to keep doing it. Saints have given us Simran so that we are able to control the mind. And the mind knows this. That is why the mind always tries to avoid doing Simran.

The mind is continuously thinking about outward, worldly things and all our attachments, and it does that very freely and abundantly. But, the moment we decide to do Simran, the mind starts avoiding that.

Therefore, whenever we sit to do the Simran, or the repetition of the Five Names, the mind tries to get all the other, worldly thoughts and strives to divert the thought process from the Simran, and it brings in all the worldly things and distracts us. And, that way, it distracts us from doing Simran. And then, we get behind the same thoughts of all worldly matters, and we get our anxiety around all our attachments. And the precious time for which we are sitting to do Simran, that is wasted.

We should always actively monitor what we are thinking, what are the thoughts. And we should continue to stay focused on the Simran. As soon as the mind goes to other thoughts, we should bring it back to Simran. That way, if we keep doing it regularly, then the mind will slowly get used to doing this and, one day, the Simran will get perfected.

The mind is akin to a three-year-old child. And, it is like the parents are trying to make the child, but the child wants to go and play with his friends. So, they try to put him in the school and they try to make him sit for studies. But then, he continuously keeps running and wanting to play with his friends. And then, he initially sits because of the fear of his parents, and because of the fear of his teacher. And, that way, he starts gradually sitting to learn. And, once he starts understanding the alphabets, reading, writing, then this fear goes away.

That is why, initially, this happens with us. The mind keeps going out, wandering on other thoughts. We have to keep catching the mind and bringing it back to Simran. Again, it wanders off. Again, we have to catch and bring it back. And, gradually, by doing this, the mind starts getting focused, and then, we start doing Simran properly.

This is a regular and daily fight or struggle with the mind for doing the Simran for every disciple. And, once this is perfected, once the Simran starts happening automatically, then the attention of the soul starts automatically focusing within and comes to the Eye Center. And, as soon as our attention comes at the Eye Center, and we leave the nine doors and come to the Tenth Door, our Master is waiting in the Shabd Roop in the form of the Sound Current. He’s waiting for us there.

So, it is our Simran and Dhyan, which initially gets us there, and later, it is the Sound Current which takes us further from there.

Initially, we should focus more on our Simran and Dhyan, that is, Simran and the contemplation of the Master within. And, later, we can focus more on the Sound Current. So, initially, we should not be focused or try to spend too much time on trying to listen to the Sound Current. We should focus on our Simran and Dhyan.

Once we manifest the Form of the Master within, and He, with His Grace, manifests the Sound Current within, then that is a continuous Sound Current, which will stay with us. Once that Sound Current gets manifested with the Grace of the Master, then it resonates continuously, and we can hear it all the time, twenty-four hours of the day. Even when we are sleeping, that Sound Current is continuous, and we can hear it.

The Sound Current that we listen to now, when we sit for our Bhajan, that is not a continuous Sound Current. When the mind gets a little still, then we get to hear that Sound Current. And, as soon as the mind again wavers, we lose all of that Sound Current.

We have the two faculties of the soul, which is to listen and to see. And, basically, we should do only about fifteen, twenty minutes in our exercise of meditation towards listening to the Sound Current, so that we are able to get these two faculties working. We start working towards that. But, other than that, we should focus mainly on Simran and on the contemplation of the Master within.

So, we have woken up and we are fresh in our mind and the mind is quiet. It’s a good time to sit for meditation. So, we should sit, close our eyes, and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.