Meditation Talk - 11 Jan 2015 - Afternoon

Sheikh Farid And The Prostitute

ONCE UPON A TIME, Sheikh Farid was traveling through a city. As He was moving through the lanes of the city with buildings on both sides, He came across the house of an infamous prostitute. As He passed there, He saw that this prostitute was mercilessly beating one of her servants, another prostitute, on the road. People were watching but not doing anything. Sheikh Farid felt sorry and asked the prostitute why she was doing this.

The prostitute replied, “Mahatma Ji, please carry on. This has nothing to do with you and it is not your business to know.” Farid Ji, however, persisted and asked her why she was doing this. She then told Him that “This servant was asked to grind soorma*. She did not grind it well and I suffered through the night as my eyes were itching. That is why I am beating her.” Farid Ji pleaded with her to forgive the servant. So, cursing the servant, the lady went to her house.

*Soorma - A finely ground paste which is applied as eyeliner.

After two to three years, Farid Ji was once again passing the same city and was passing on the outskirts. There was a cemetery where he was passing. He saw that there was a fresh grave and animals had dug out the corpse and were eating it. He saw crows eating the eyes of the corpse. He went closer to see and noticed that this was the body of that same prostitute who was beating her servant.

He thought to Himself, “This is the same lady who just yesterday was cursing and beating a person for the itching in her eyes due to a roughly-ground eyeliner. And today, it is the same lady whose eyes are being eaten by crows, and they are piercing with their beaks and eating those eyes now.” Sheikh Farid felt that this lady is suffering her karmas.

Mahatmas say that our egos are not forever. We should live our lives with humility to be successful on the Path.

The time is good and the afternoon time is quiet. We should get connected with Simran and Dhyan.