Meditation Talk - 11 Jan 2015- Morning

Mastana Ji And The Destruction Of The Body Of Six Feet

AJAIB SINGH JI WAS TOLD by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj that the Master, Who will give you Naam, shall come to you. Ajaib Singh Ji, thereafter, went back to his place and continued his practice.

After Sawan Singh Ji had left His body, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji used to go to Mastana Ji, Who was a disciple of Sawan Singh Ji.

Mastana Ji had this hobby of constructing good buildings and, thereafter, breaking them down. He had once appointed an engineer and built a beautiful glass house and spent lakhs of rupees to build this house. When the house was built, the engineer felt that this person has some mental problem and he destroys the houses, so he brought a rich trader to buy this house from Mastana Ji. Believing the engineer, the trader came in his car to inspect the house, and he liked it. He then met Mastana Ji and requested Him to sell the house to him.

Mastana Ji asked him what he would do with the bungalow.

He replied saying, “I have heard that you construct and destroy buildings. I feel you shall do the same to this beautiful house. So, please offer this to me. I will purchase it and save that from being destroyed.”

Mastana Ji replied angrily and said, “This six-foot beautiful body that has been given to you by God, is being destroyed. You have no concern for that and you are showing concern for the bungalow built from brick and mortar? Go, run away from here.” Thereafter, Mastana Ji broke down that house.

Looking at this trait of Mastana Ji, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji felt perhaps the Master, that Sawan Singh Ji had indicated, was Mastana Ji. So, he went to Mastana Ji and requested for Naam. Mastana Ji, again, repeated what Sawan Singh Ji had told him, “It’s not me. The Master Who will give you initiation shall come to you Himself.” That is how it happened.

A few years later, Maharaj Kirpal sent His messenger and conveyed to Sant Ji that He would be coming to his ashram. Master Kirpal later came Himself and gave initiation to Sant Ji. It is said that God Himself, in some form or the other, seeks out sanskari souls* and awakens them and takes them in His Embrace.

It is a very good time, we have just woken up, and our mind is quiet. Only a quiet mind is fit for meditation. We should use this opportunity and close our eyes and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.

*Sanskari souls - Souls that have been blessed by culture, moral norms, and values from previous lives, which draw them to Sant Mat and this Path.