Meditation Talk 11 August 2017– Afternoon

The Manifest Grace of Somanath Baba Ji and Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

I BOW AT THE FEET OF MY MASTERS SOM-AJAIB Who gave the Grace and made this poor soul capable of doing Their Seva. Both these Saints have showered a lot of Grace on this poor jiva. It is not up to the jiva to stand up and do seva or be able to do the devotion. It is only with the Grace of the Masters that the jiva is able to do this.

At the age of around fifteen, sixteen years, I was of the strong feeling to go into the Himalayas and do some meditation there, and do some devotion there, by which I would get out of the cycle of life and death. I did my schooling in my village near Varanasi. And there, often, I would see all these sages or people wearing saffron clothes. So these people, who adorn all these saffron clothes, I used to think all mahatmas wear such saffron clothes only and every one will be like this. But when, after about one and a half months of Satsang that I got in Bombay later, and I went to Bangalore, I realized that this was completely different. So, when I went there and saw Him*, He was wearing white clothes and He was the owner of over a hundred acres of land and He used to do farming. And He used to often say, "Use your body to do farming and do work and do seva. And use the mind to do the devotion of God Almighty.”

* Somanath Baba Ji

Somanath Baba Ji used to often say this in His Satsang, "Don't spread your hands in front of people asking for any help or asking for donations or alms, because it is better to die than ask that way. Because even if you ask for just one rupee, you ask for a hundred rupees, or one hundred thousand rupees, all that is a debt that you are taking. Because whatever you take, you're going to have to return that, whether you give it in this life, or the next life, or lives after that, you’ll have to redeem and pay that off.”

There, I used to do night duty. It was a hundred and eleven acres. And in the seva, Baba Ji used to keep three to four people to do the night duty because it was a very large ashram and the periphery of that hundred and eleven acres was quite huge. And there were all these coconut trees towards the end of that area, which often people would come and steal from. So, we used to get that duty.

Now, because it was very difficult and strenuous to do that night duty, often people who were given this seva used to fall sick and they were not unable to do it. So, when I went there Baba Ji asked me, "Son, would you like to do this duty of night seva?”

So, I told Him, "Whatever duty you tell me, I will do it."
So, accordingly, all night, I used to do this duty of guarding the border, or guarding the periphery, of the ashram. There were several small hillocks, which had been razed and flattened with bulldozers.

Now, that had resulted in a lot of these snakes coming out from there. And often, when I would walk, I would definitely encounter at least four to five snakes on the way. So, Baba Ji had given me these gumboots, which were about knee-length and I used to wear my trousers inside that and cover that with the shoe and walk through the grass. Because, in the grass with the noise of those shoes, the snakes would then move away from the path.

I understood that the seva had been given to me for doing Simran. I did not look at it as just a night seva for walking around the boundary of the ashram. So, I used to do Simran when I used to walk. And then, after a round, I would come back and sit and listen to Satsang and, then again, if I felt sleepy while sitting there, I would again go for a small round, about one mile, and come back.

And then, in the morning time, I would go in the field and do seva with the rest of the sevadars. And, after one o'clock up to about six o'clock, between 2:00 to 6:00, I would sleep for about four hours. That was the time I would get to sleep. As a result of this, because of the continuous Simran I would do at night, in a very short timeframe, I developed a lot of vireh, a lot of pang of separation, from the Master. And my love and affection for Him grew a lot. So, whenever I would even see Him, physically where I would see him, the soul would start going within. And that was because of a lot of Simran and the love that I developed while I was there.

So, the point of telling you all this is that it is the Grace and Mercy of these Masters, which have set this strong foundation. The seva that was given to me by Somanath Baba Ji and everything He did for me, and the Grace He showered, set a very strong foundation. I got a very short span of time doing seva for Him. I only got about three years there. And thereafter, for Sant Ji, I had the opportunity to do seva there for about eleven years. So, I got a much longer timeframe with Sant Ji. But, Somanath Baba Ji set that strong foundation for me.

In 1985, I met Sant Ji. I had gone to the Bombay program and it was there that He told me that I have to continue doing seva in Andhra Pradesh. Now, before I met Him, nearly fourteen years had passed since Somanath Baba Ji had left His sharir, left His body, and during that period I was quite dejected in life, considering that I had not got a Master during that period and also I had left my village and my people for a very long time. So, I used to think that I should go back now to my village and do my Bhajan and Simran there.

But, Sant Ji directed me otherwise. He asked me to come to Andhra Pradesh and do seva here. So, Sant Ji explained to me that I should go to Andra and do my seva there. He told me, "The plants that Somanath Baba Ji has planted, the seeds of initiation, the seeds of Naam that he has planted, you have to go there and water those souls and continue to grow those saplings.”

So, by then, I had almost made up my mind that I should go back to Varanasi. But, He discouraged me from going there and he told me to come to Andhra. I wept a lot when I met Him and for nearly forty-five minutes He was explaining to me that I should come to Andhra Pradesh and do this seva here.

So I, thereafter, followed His instruction, and because I followed that small instruction, He showered so much Grace on me there. I came to Andhra Pradesh and He showered limitless Grace on me, all in terms of giving me financial help, also giving me the motivation to come here, and even in terms of spirituality also. So He gave me boundless Grace. And that is why I'm doing this duty here now.

So, it is these two great Saints Who have showered Their Grace and made it possible for me to do to this seva. It is not possible for a jiva, which is in the realm of the mind, to talk about the greatness of Saints. It is only with Their Grace that They have showered that this is possible.

And then, I have been doing the Seva here. People have come from all over the world and people are sitting here now who are from various parts of the world. And in the earlier part also, I was requested by them to come abroad. There were several ashrams outside where there are a lot of satsangis, and a lot of them are unable to financially make it possible to come here, or otherwise, physically make it possible to come here. But I told those who were requesting that is not possible for me to come outside and I continue to do seva here. And, the same request, a lot of people have been making after that on several occasions, but I have maintained that I will not be going out of India. I had decided that earlier also and that continues now also. So, I have no intention of going outside of India to any of the outside countries.

And, thereafter, the sangat used to come from outside and more and more people have come here to attend these Satsangs and these programs. And, accordingly, this place has also been built here and all of them are coming here and attending these programs. All of this is the Grace of Sant Ji.

So, quite a lot of time has gone. The atmosphere is very good and we should make the most of it. So, let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.