Meditation Talk - 11 August 2017- Morning

By Listening To Satsang The Willpower Of Our Soul Increases And The Strength Of The Mind Is Reduced


BABA JI USED TO OFTEN SAY in His Satsangs, "Sant Mat is the Path for self-improvement." So, it is very important for us to follow the Path and listen to Satsang every day. Along with our Bhajan Simran every day, we should also listen to Satsang every day, because by listening to Satsang the willpower of our soul increases and the strength of the mind is reduced. So, we should listen to Satsang very attentively. We should try to imbibe whatever is said in that Satsang and listen to it without doing any other things while we are listening to Satsang.

Even if our other family members are not sitting with us in the Satsang, we should ensure that we are sitting, but when we are sitting for Satsang, we should make sure that we leave all the other work and sit with focused attention to listen to Satsang. Even if the other members are not satsangis, or they are not influenced by Satsang, the words of Satsang are going to come when we are playing that Satsang. They will be going to their ears and there will be a gradual transformation there as well.

Besides this, monthly, whenever there are Satsangs, we should try to make it a point to attend those monthly or weekly Satsangs where all of the satsangis come together and listen to Satsangs.

When we listen to Satsang, we should value each word that has been spoken by the Master and we should listen to it with full attention. When we do not do that, and instead we listen to the Satsang but we are doing other things or paying attention elsewhere, then when we are actually in the presence of the Masters also, the mind is trained to do similarly, and there also we do not then value that Word of the Master when we are in His presence elsewhere.

Even when we sit at home and we listen to Satsang with such full attention, then it is as good as sitting in Satsang in the presence of the Master.

Sant Ji used to say quite often, "Leave a hundred things and sit for Satsang, and leave a thousand things and sit for Bhajan Simran.” So, it is very important to sit for Satsang. Just like it is important for us to eat food for the body, it is equally important for us to attend and listen to Satsang and do our BhajanSimran for the benefit of the soul.

The Bhajan Simran that we do is like food for the soul. And the Satsang that we listen to is like water to the soul. So, we should listen to Satsang every day.

Now, by listening to Satsang just for a few days and then leaving it, what happens is, your mind starts gaining strength and then it starts wandering here and there and we gradually lose our attention on the Path, and we then stop doing our meditation and Simran as well.

So, it is important to listen to Satsang. With that, the mind stays in control and every day when the words of the Masters fall on our ears, the mind is subdued and it is under control and we are able to have prolonged sessions of our Bhajan Simran as well.

Many times it so happens that some incident has occurred, or we are under stress, or we are facing a lot of anxiety because of some things that are happening around us, and we are quite perturbed with that. Now, when we listen to Satsang in such situations, it has a calming effect on the mind because we also understand from Satsang that this whole world is false and nothing is permanent here and this is not our place. So, all these have a positive effect on your mind and reduces your anxiety.

When we listen to Satsang, even if it is for half an hour every day, it will definitely have a very positive effect on us. And, not only that, it will also cause a gradual transformation in the non-satsangi family members who are there around you also.

So, every day, we should make it a point to do BhajanSimran and listen to Satsang. By giving breaks to either of these, the mind starts gaining in strength and it betrays you, sooner or later.

When we do Bhajan Simran, the love of our Master increases. And when we do this regularly, the love for the Master increases. And, as a result, we continue to get more motivation to do Bhajan Simran and increase the time in that. So, our overall meditation improves.

On the other hand, if we do not do this regularly, the Bhajan Simran and listening to Satsang, then gradually the time that we are giving for the Bhajan Simran keeps reducing. And the love for the Master also starts drying up. And on one occasion then, we stop doing the meditation.

Kabir Sahib says, "With each breath, we are losing the priceless value of three worlds." Because we have limited breaths and each breath is priceless. So, we have to be very careful in the use of these breaths.

There are two bodies, or wings, of devotion. One is fear and the other is love of the Master. So, both of these are equally important for us to stay on a continued basis doing our meditation and progressing on the Path. The fear is the fear of death. So, we should, at all times, remember that. And remember that that is an absolute reality and that is going to happen. And the other is that we should have love at the Feet of our Master.

We often feel that meditation and all this spirituality is towards the latter part of our life. And today, we are young and we should spend this time in gaining status in the society, gaining wealth and security, and all of that.

There were, earlier, four parts of life. And people would often correlate spirituality and all the religious pursuits to the fourth and the final phase of life.

But today, there is nothing like that fourth phase, which comes later in life. Now, very early in life only, the fourth phase starts and we’re already in that fourth phase.

Because there are so many illnesses that surround us and we get so many different problems — physical problems, mental problems, and all of these things — they overcome us. So, the earlier we meditate, the better.

So, the atmosphere is very good and we should make the most of this time. So, we should close our eyes and start doing our meditation.