Meditation Talk 11 August 2016 – Afternoon

An Example Of Transformation Through Initiation And Meditation

THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN INITIATED by a True Master and are doing meditation for two and a half to three hours every day, at the time of death, they are very happy. Their Master comes two to three days before their death and, depending on their devotion, He may come two days or three days, that way, and He gives Darshan inside. He shows the Radiant Form and, with that, the mind completely transforms. And, if they have not manifested the Sound Current before that, then the Radiant Form of the Master, He connects the soul with the Sound Current and manifests the Sound Current inside. So, they can hear the Sound Current before they die.

Once, there was an initiate of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Before this lady’s death, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj similarly came beforehand and told her about it. And she was very happy that she was going to pass away, even though she had a one-year-old son. There were two or three other initiates also in that house, and she told them about one hour before dying, “I am going to be leaving because Baba Ji has come within.” So, the other ladies in the house brought her baby, who was just one year old, and they told her, “You feed him before you die.” But, she took that baby's hand away and she said, “Don't bring him in front of me now, because the love and affection inside is so strong that, at this time, all these worldly things do not matter at all.” And, like she had said, at that time she left her body and passed away.

In 1996, I had taken a group of one hundred twenty people to Sant Ji for initiation. About ninety people in that group were given initiation. There was one person, who wanted initiation, but he had eaten non-vegetarian food on that day, and he had also drunk alcohol on that day.

So, Sant Ji said, “Make everybody stand in one line because for everyone to come and take Darshan would take a very long time. So, just make them stand in the evening and I will come and see each one and, that way, I will decide.”

So then, everyone was made to stand in a line outside the pandal where the Satsang was held. And there, Sant Ji came and everyone was standing in a line and He walked across. And, as He walked, He stood at this person who had drunk alcohol. And He stopped and He said, “This person should spend some more time listening to Satsangs, then we’ll give him initiation after that.”

So, then I explained to that person, “You will have to wait and take initiation later, and listen to Satsangs.”

But that person, when he had come there and he had heard those Satsangs in that program, his mind had completely changed and transformed. So, he refused to accept that he would have to wait for getting initiation. So, at that time, the sevadars took him out, but in the evening he was crying and he did not eat his food. And he said, “If I do not get initiation the next day, then I will commit suicide. I will go below a train and I will commit suicide.”

Everyone tried to explain to him, but he refused to accept. And then, finally, I told him that, “Okay, I will again try. We will go and talk to Sant Ji in the morning.”

So, after that, he stopped crying. And in the morning then, I took him to Sant Ji. So, next day morning, just before the initiation program, I took this person and I requested Sant Ji and I told Him, “He is threatening to commit suicide if he is not given initiation. So, You please shower Your Grace on him.”

Sant Ji looked at me and He pointed at me and He said, “If this person eats non-vegetarian food or he continues to drink, then whatever karmas he is taking on, all those karmas will be yours!”

So, I folded my hands and I told Sant Ji, “I don't have this potential of taking these karmas. So, You only decide what you want to do. You have the potential. If you don't want to give, you don't give, but I can’t do it.”

Then, Sant Ji said, “Okay, never mind, ask him to come. I’ll give him initiation.” And then, all of these people were initiated.

So, he was so dramatically transformed, in this program and after initiation that, when he went back, whenever there was a Satsang in the village or elsewhere, wherever there was a bhandara, he would always come before, and then he would clean the place. He would do a lot of seva. He would lay down the mats and break firewood. He would do all kinds of seva and he would always be there before the Satsang. He was from a harijan family and the rest of his family members used to eat non-vegetarian food, etc.

So, he rented a small house and he started staying on his own. He would cook his own food and he would stay all by himself there. So, he did a lot of meditation for the next six years after he was initiated. And he used to do a lot of seva, come five to ten days before the big programs and do a lot of seva there. And he also did his own meditation and he continued to stay independently.

Now, this was only a period of six years after he was initiated. And two days before he died, he called the head of that village who was holding the Satsangs, who used to do seva of that Satsang. He called him two days before and he gave him two photographs of Sant Ji. He said, “See, keep these photographs because, after I die, I don't want my family members and other people showing any disrespect to them or touching these photographs. So, please put them in the hall.” This is what he said two days before he died.

So, one day before he died, he brought new clothes, he wore new clothes, and he was very happy. And the day he died, before that, he made prashad and gave everyone sweets. He distributed sweets.

So, see the kind of transformation that happened and that came about. There was nobody else in that whole village who used to, otherwise, follow Satsang and Sant Mat. Those who do their meditation regularly, before their death, they are informed by the Masters. They are so happy at the time of death that it is equal to a young man getting married. That is the kind of happiness that they have at the time of their death.

So, therefore, Masters say, “Do your meditation, listen to Satsang and regularly do your meditation so that your Master can shower His Grace, and you give an opportunity to Him to shower Grace on you.”

So, the atmosphere is quiet and that's good for the mind. So, let us close our eyes and sit for our meditation.