Meditation Talk - 11 August 2016 - Morning

It Is Not Possible To Get Salvation Without Your Having Love And Affection For Your Master

I ALWAYS TALK about Brahmanand Ji Who was from Pushkar Tirth in Rajasthan. And He has written several bhajans and Banis. He was an educated person and he was a stationmaster there. And he used to do a lot of meditation and would not waste any time, because he used to feel very strong pangs of separation with his Master.

He used to have this duty as a stationmaster and the trains usually would come about every one to one and a half hours. So, what he decided was to sit for meditation and get up about half an hour before the train came. Then, he could flag the train in and sell the tickets to the travelers and, then, flag the train off. So, he sat for meditation. He sat in his room and he and one attendant were there. These were the only two people at the station. So, he told the attendant, “While I am sitting in meditation, in case you get a telegraph for the arrival of the train, then, kindly, wake me up and let me know.”

So, he had a lot of love for his Master and he had these pangs of separation for the Master. And, with that, he sat with love and affection for meditation. And, within about forty-five minutes, his attention of his soul retracted within, and he forgot everything about his body and all his surroundings. So, he got a lot of intoxication. He was deeply in meditation and, instead of sitting for one hour, he sat two hours in meditation.

Now, the train would not stop for him, so the train came on time. But, what happened was, his Master came in his form and He sold the tickets, He flagged the train in, and He collected the monies and He, again, flagged the train off.

So, when Brahmanand Ji got up after his meditation of about two hours, he saw the time and he got scared that the train would have come and he was wondering who would have flagged the train off, and who would have sold the tickets, and people would've just traveled ticketless, and money would not have been collected. He feared that he would lose his job for that. So, he quickly went out and asked that attendant, “What happened? Did the train come?”

So, the attendant said, “Yes. The train came about a half an hour back. Why are you asking that?”

So, he said, “Who flagged the train in? Who sold the tickets and who flagged the train off?”

So, the attendant looked at him with a question mark and he said, “But, only you did everything. When I came to wake you up that the train is coming, you were already selling tickets. And only you flagged the train in, you sold the tickets, you collected the money, and you flagged the train off.”

So, he was wondering what happened. He went back to check out the register, and there he saw that tickets were, indeed, sold and he tallied the balance. He saw that the monies had been collected. Then, he looked into the drawer and he saw that money was also there exactly matching with the balance.

So, then he thought that some miracle has definitely taken place, “My Master must have done something.” Then he felt, “Definitely, it is Someone Else Who does all these things and the Doer is someone different.”

So, from then onwards, he did a lot of meditation. He felt that he did not pay so much attention to his work and other worldly things. He said, “This is all your work” to his Master. And that, “You take care of all of that. Now, I am not bothered. I will sit for meditation and I will do your work.” So, he sat and he became a great Mahatma.

Kabir Sahib says, “To get love and affection for your Master is very difficult. But, it is not possible to get salvation without getting or having love and affection for your Master.”

So, all the love and affection we have for this world outside, if we focus that love and affection at the Feet of the Master, then our work will be done. So, when we do more and more Simran, and we continuously do Simran then, automatically, our mind starts getting more love and affection for the Master, and less love and affection for the outwardly world.

So, therefore, every day we should take out our time, make a timetable, and in that we should keep our time for meditation because that is the only true work for ourselves. All of the other things that we do throughout the day are for others.

So, the time is good. We should make the most of this time and we should close our eyes and sit for meditation.