Meditation Talk - 11 August 2015 - Morning

Those Who Are Able To Control The Mind Have Won In Spirituality

WHEN VASHISHT JI WAS GIVING divine knowledge to Rama, he said, “If someone tells me that he has picked up the Himalayas, then I am willing to accept that. If someone says that I have drunk the full sea, all the oceans, even then I am willing to believe that. But, if someone says that I have gained control over my mind, then I am not willing to believe that.”

In the Shastras, there is also an incident where the great rishi, Agastya, had drunk up the oceans. It so happened that all the demons were attacking and disturbing the gods. All the gods, even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, all of them, were unable to face these attacks. And the demons would attack them, and then they would hide in the oceans. And this continued.

So, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and all the gods came to seek help from rishi Agastya. Agastya was above Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, as he had gone past Brahm. So, he was more powerful than all of these gods. They requested him to help them and, then, that is when he drank up all the oceans. So, when he had drunk up the oceans, all the demons were exposed. And then the gods retaliated and they killed the demons. So, that way, he helped the gods. This is witnessed in history.

And the other incident is also where Vindhyachal, the mountain, had risen very high. And, again, it was Agastya Rishi who put his hand on the mountain and made it bow down. Such incidents and such powers were there with these rishis and Saints at that time.

Vindhyachal was a strong devotee and had spiritual powers in his earlier life. He had a lot of powers. He had lots of spiritual powers. But, someone had cursed him and he had taken birth as a mountain and, when he became a mountain, he grew so much that he started blocking sunlight. When this mountain grew so high, people were finding it difficult, because on one side it became dark, and on the other side, it was bright.

So, again, the gods came for help to Agastya Rishi only, because this mountain would only listen to someone as revered as Agastya Rishi. So, when the rishi went there, the mountain bowed down to him. He said that “Look, I have to cross to the south and I am unable to cross your height. So, you stay like this so that I can cross over to the south. And then, when I come back, you can go back to your position.”

Once he went to the south, he crossed the range and he never returned to the north. He did his meditation and penance in the south of India only. And there is a river also called Agyasini, which flows to the sea. And there is a cave, which goes all the way to the sea.

He did his penance in that cave. Vindhyachal continues to remain bowed down for the return of Agastya Rishi. And there is a temple of a devi, Vindhyachal goddess, on the top of the mountain.

So, therefore, these things are possible. But control of the mind is something that is impossible. And those who are able to control the mind, they have followed instructions of the Master, they have won in spirituality. Those who have lost to the mind, have lost in spirituality.

So, it is morning time and we have woken up from sleep and the mind is fresh. And we should use this time, close our eyes, and sit for meditation and Simran.