Meditation Talk 10 Jan 2017– Afternoon

In Earlier Times, The Masters Would Test The Disciples To See Who Would Succeed Them

ABOUT Guru Nanak, it is said He had two sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Chand. When He was old, His wife would often say, “Have one of Your sons as a Successor. You announce a Successor.”

So, He said, “I will definitely keep my son as a Successor.”
She said, “You have two sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Chand.”
So, He said, “Okay, let us see, we’ll see tomorrow, who is my son?”

It was very cold that night, and it was snowing in the Himalayas and, as a result, there was a serious cold wave. Nanak Ji, in the night, told Sri Chand, “Look, it is 12:00 noon, the sun is up, and it is very hot, so just blow the fan.”

He said, “You have become senile now because it is midnight and you're saying it is afternoon. And, I can't stand, it is so cold that I can't stand here. And you are saying that it is hot and I should blow the fan?”

And, that way, he got angry and he left from there.
Thereafter, He called Lakshmi Chand, and again, He said the same thing, “The sun has come up, it is afternoon, and it's very hot. So, just blow the fan.” Again, even Lakshmi Chand got angry, and he also spoke similarly and walked away. Guru Nanak Sahib's wife was observing all of this. After His two sons walked away, He called for Bhai Lehna. Bhai Lehna was sleeping at a slight distance, so He called, woke him up, and asked him to come. And then, He similarly told Bhai Lehna, “It is very hot, it is noon and it is quite hot, so why don't you blow the fan?”

Bhai Lehna immediately picked up the hand fan, and then he started waving it, he started blowing the fan there for Guru Nanak Sahib. Then, He told His wife, “You saw who is obeying me, and who is listening to my instructions.”

Later, Bhai Lehna, Who was Angad Dev Ji, succeeded Guru Nanak Sahib and He was a great Master.

So, earlier, such things would happen. The Masters would take such kinds of tests, and then They would decide who would be succeeding Them. Because, the people to whom They entrust this work, those people also should have those kinds of qualities and those kinds of feelings.

Now, even Baba Somanath Ji and Sant Ji, They also had made this point very clear, but They had not publicly announced it because, amongst Their disciples, no one was ready at that time. That is why They left quietly.

That way, Masters, They make ashrams. And They grow the ashrams also for the sangat. But, They do not have any attachments to these ashrams or all of these properties. Their love is at the Feet of Their Master, and They do not have any affection or love for any of these material things.

So, we should follow the instructions of the Masters. Baba Ji had done so much tapasya, He had done so much austerities. And, it is important for us to give our soul the water of Satsang and feed it the food of bhajan Simran.

So, the time is good and we should make the most of this time. We should sit and close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.