Meditation Talk 10 Jan 2017– Morning

The Master Is Everything For The Disciple, Or Gurumukh

This is an incident from the life of SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ.
Once, he was going to take the Darshan of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj in Beas. So, when he was going there, he got off the station, and there he met a Father of a church. That Father asked Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, “Tell me, who is bigger? Who is greater? Is it Jesus Christ, or is it Guru Nanak Ji, or is it Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj?”

That Father said, “It is not possible, because Jesus Christ was there about two thousand years ago, and Nanak Sahib was there around six hundred years ago. So, how is it possible to get everyone together?”

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “Yes. You're right. For me, I can only see the living Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, and He is the only Living Master right now. So, I go to Him.” He said, “He is the biggest for me because He is there and He is my Master.”

So, for a gurumukh disciple (shish), his Master is the biggest, in terms of all Masters. And, for him, his Master is God Almighty, and He is everything for that disciple, or that gurumukh.

Every Master has an unfailing love and affection for His own Master. So, when we pray to our Master, we should have faith in Him and love and affection in Him. And then, we will be successful on this Path.

Whenever we sit for meditation, we should bring back our memories of the Master. We should think about our Master before sitting. Then, our meditation will be successful. Otherwise, it is difficult to do the meditation. Alternatively, you can sing a bhajan of one of the Masters. And, that brings good feelings and love and affection towards our Master when we sit for meditation.

The mind has this habit of running behind whatever it has affection for. And, if there is love and affection for all outward, worldly things then, when we sit for meditation, the mind starts running in that direction.

So, we should develop our love and affection at the Feet of the Master, so that, when we sit, our mind starts running towards our Master.

We get a transformation when we sit regularly for our Simran and Bhajan. When we sit continuously like that and listen to Satsangs every day, then we bring about that transformation, and that love and affection develops within us. As our mind becomes more pure as we sit for meditation and listen to Satsang, in that way, we bring about a gradual transformation within ourselves.

So, this is a good time in the morning. We have woken up and the mind is fresh and quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should make the most of this time, and sit down, close our eyes, and sit for meditation.