Meditation Talk 10 Jan 2016– Afternoon

The Only Truth Is Our Soul, The Master, Shabd, And God Almighty

SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ WAS WORKING and Kehar Singh came to Him. And he said, “It is about 5:20 PM. It's okay. Time is up. Let's go. God Himself will finish that work.”

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him, “Which God?”

So, when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him ‘Which God?’ Kher Singh used to think that God is only One, there is one God. So, when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him ‘Which God?’ he had some doubt as to what He was saying because, in Vedas, Puranas, everywhere, it is said that there is only one God. But then, when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had mentioned this, he fell into doubt.

He was an initiate of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj. And this thing, which Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had told him, that affected him, and he kept thinking about it. And also in the meditation at home, when he sat, he was thinking about this. So, he was thinking on this, and then he went to sleep during meditation.

About 11:00, 11:15, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came in that meditation. And He explained to him that, “Yes, there are two gods. One god is the god of all this world, as we know it. And one God is the God of Saints.”

So then, he understood that one is the god who is sitting in Brahm, whose name is Kal. And the other is the One Who is sitting in Anaami. And His name is Dayal.

So, when they met again the next day, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him that, “Yesterday, you had some doubt in your mind. So, do you want to know what the two gods are?” He said, “No, it's okay. My doubt was cleared yesterday when Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj cleared it. So, one is the god of this world, and one is the God of Saints.”

So, the god of this world is in Brahm. He is Kal. And the world and everyone around pray to Kal. And all the creation of Kal and Maya is all subject to destruction. All of the creation will get destroyed.

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj has also calculated the period of this entire creation of the three planes. It is subject to destruction. And, finally, all of these three planes will also be completely destroyed. So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had worked out the time period for this.

There was one Thakur Dutt, a pundit, who had worked this out, and then Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had corrected that calculation, and this was there in the Sant Samagam. But then, recently, it was taken out. So, all this creation is there up to a limited time. And, after that, all of this will get destroyed.

After Kali Yuga, what happens is, wherever there is sea and there is water, that sea and water, all of that shifts to the land mass. And, as a result, all the creatures and all the life forms, they all expire, because land is covered by water. And, where there is water, it becomes dry. So, as a result, all of creation is destroyed. And all the souls then go to Brahm, and they stay at Brahm.

Thereafter, for four yugas, this will continue to remain like this. Where there is land, which has been filled with water, now that will become the sea. And where there is the sea, that becomes land. And that remains for the following four yugas. Then again, at the end of the fourth yuga, again this will happen.

Because these souls stay in Brahm, they become pure. And, when again, the next yuga starts, which is Sat Yuga, the lives are longer, because the soul is much purer. It is because of staying in Brahm. And then, when they are born, the mind and the soul being pure, their life is one lakh years. And their power is equal to ten thousand elephants.

So, because of the karmas that are incurred in Sat Yuga, in the next yuga, the life forms are reduced to one-tenth of that previous life form. So, from one lakh, it becomes ten thousand years. This is because of the impurity of the mind. So, that goes to ten thousand years.

And, thereafter, in the next yuga, it becomes one thousand years. So, as the yugas change, the lifespan is reduced, the power of the soul is reduced, because of the mind becoming impure. And the burden of karmas keeps increasing.

So, from one lakh years, it becomes ten thousand years in the second yuga. Then, it becomes one thousand years in the third and one hundred years in the fourth. And the burden of karmas increases during this period.

These are very long yugas. The first yuga, that is Sat Yuga, is seventeen lakh years (1,700,000 years). And then, there is Treta, which is twelve lakh years (1,200,000 years). Then, followed by Dwapar, which is eight lakh sixty-four thousand years (864,000 years). And then, Kali Yuga, which is four lakh thirty-two thousand years (432,000 years). So, these four become one Mahayuga. And a thousand Mahayugas become one Kalpa. So, the creation of Kal, which we have now, is for one Kalpa.

So, after four yugas, what happens is, the dissolution takes place by the form of water shifting from the water bodies to the landmass and vice versa. So, that happens fourteen times. Each of those is called a Jal Pralay. And, after fourteen times, then there is Baraig Pralay. During Baraig Pralay, everything up to Brahm gets dissolved and is re-created. And then, there is Maha Pralay. Maha Pralay is up to Bhanwar Gupha. So, everything up to Bhanwar Gupha is destroyed, and then it is re-created. As these creations dissolve, all of these life forms start merging with the Sound Current and go back to Sach Khand.

So, everything that we see, our own body, whatever we are seeing outside, all of this creation, is all subject to destruction, and everything is untrue. So, none of this is true.

What is Truth? The soul is True, the Master, Guru, is True, Shabd is True, and the God Almighty is True. What is indestructible is Truth.

So, all of this creation is an illusion. It is untrue.

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji has also written, ‘The king is false, the king’s men and all the citizens are false, and this whole world and this whole creation are false’. So, the only Truth is our soul, the Master, Shabd and God Almighty. Therefore, we should love the Truth and we should focus all our energies and focus on Truth, and not on outwardly, worldly things, which are false. And, by focusing on the Truth, we are focusing on the indestructible matters. So, those things, which will never be destroyed, are what we will focus our attention on.

So, the atmosphere is quiet. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.